Police suspect firebug after second Levin blaze

Police suspect an arsonist has been targeting empty houses on a plot of land in Levin, following a second suspicious blaze last night.

Emergency services were called to the fire at a portable house on State Highway 1, about 3km south of Levin, about 8.30pm.

The empty house, which rested on stilts and could be transported from site to site by truck, was on a plot of wasteland behind the Loaded Hog brewery and bar.

Detective Stephen Yates of Levin police said it appeared somebody had forced their way into the house before setting it alight.

The house was not connected to power, leading police to believe the fire was deliberately lit.

The incident followed a suspicious fire at another portable house on the same site on April 29.

"It certainly would appear that one was linked with the other," Mr Yates said.

Police investigating the blaze did not believe there was anyone in the Loaded Hog who may have witnessed the fire.

Anyone with information about the fire, or who may have seen suspicious activity in the area, is urged to contact police.