ODT Classifieds Birth Notices

ODT Classified Birth Notices

The birth of your little angel is a special time. Let everyone know your baby has arrived safely and record it in history with the Otago Daily Times birth notices. You can now make your special announcement stand out in the ODT by adding a colour highlighter or picture of your baby to your birth notice.

Place a birth notice with a highlighter or photo and get FREE COLOUR 



ODT Classifieds - ExamplesYou can place a birth notice:

  • Phone: 03 477 8000
  • Fax: 03 474 7423
  • Come into: 52 Lower Stuart Street Dunedin or your local ODT office

Highlighters: Check out our great selection of colour highlighters here. Note the code below the highlighter and quote this when you place a birth notice. Each colour highlighter costs $5.00 on this special deal .

Photos: Add your babies photos to your birth notice to give it that personal touch. You can upload this at the time you place your birth notice online at https://admaker.alliedpress.co.nz/, or if you place your birth notice by fax, phone or at one of our offices you can email your photo to classorder@alliedpress.co.nz with reference to your birth notice (surname and the date it is to appear), or you can bring us a copy in to scan.


Birth Notice Terms and Conditions: Colour is for the photo or highlighter not the words. If created online you must fax your order with signatures. If 2 surnames are used 2 signatures are required. Colour is at no extra cost when paying normal retail pricing for a photo or highlighter. All content is moderated prior to publication. Allied Press terms and conditions apply.