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Further investigations into a South Dunedin public library to be made

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 22/05/2015 - 7:16pm
More work will be done to investigate the possibility of putting a public library inside the South Dunedin Mall.
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Annual 24 hour book sale on again

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 22/05/2015 - 7:11pm
Thousands of books are luring Dunedin residents into the Regent Theatre, for the city's annual 24 hour book sale.
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University of Otago cartoon contest attracts national attention

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 22/05/2015 - 7:08pm
A peaceful cartoon contest run through the University of Otago is attracting national attention. Inspired by the recent Charlie Hebdo case, it's about the ability of cartoons to incite a variety of reactions, including violent ones. And organisers hope to influence the opposite in Dunedin.
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Creative students make soft toys for a good cause

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 22/05/2015 - 7:06pm
Vanuatuan victims of Cyclone Pam are benefiting from the generosity of Dunedin students. A group of creative students have made soft toys to fundraise for those impacted by the disaster. And some colourful new friends have been made along the way.
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New national brain research project being launched in Dunedin

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 22/05/2015 - 6:34pm
A new national brain research project is being launched in Dunedin, to unlock the secrets of the ageing brain. University of Otago staff are involved in the study, which also includes researchers based in Auckland. The project's funded through the government. Otago University became the co-host to the national brain centre of research excellence last year.
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Struggling Dunedin residents set to benefit from new national budget

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 7:06pm
Struggling Dunedin residents are expected to gain the most from the government's new budget. Increases to benefits for some New Zealanders have just been announced. And a local university lecturer says the move has surprised many.
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Local optometrists issue warning about the winter sun

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 7:03pm
Dunedin residents are more at risk of suffering eye damage than those living in other parts of the country. Harsh ultraviolet light is especially intense in Dunedin during winter months. And that's prompting warnings from local optometrists.
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Council supports new Mosgiel swimming pool complex

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 7:01pm
An estimated $17.5m swimming pool complex in Mosgiel has the support of the city council. Councillors have voted to support in principal the development of the new aquatic facility. They're putting $6m aside for the project, to be spent in the 2018-19 financial year. And they're spending up to $300,000 now, on detailed planning of the complex.
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Upgrade plans for stadium PA system have been shelved

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 6:57pm
Sound problems at Forsyth Barr Stadium will continue, as a proposal to upgrade the public address system has been shelved. The stadium's current PA system has been a headache for Dunedin Venues Management from the beginning. The company proposed putting in about 100 new speakers, a significant increase on the existing number.
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Council allocates funding for new lighting at University Oval

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 6:54pm
The Otago Cricket Association is getting a major financial boost to establish new lighting at the University Oval. Up to a million dollars is being allocated to the project by the Dunedin City Council. But not all councillors are seeing eye to eye over the funding.
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Government announces its record health budget

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 6:52pm
The government's announced what it calls a record health budget, but there's no knowing whether more money will flow south. Last time Health Minister Jonathan Coleman visited Dunedin Hospital, he promised more money for the outdated facility. He's just announced an extra $320m for district health boards in the coming financial year.
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City's closet actors take the stage for a theatrical marathon

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 21/05/2015 - 6:49pm
Local theatre enthusiasts are conquering the complete works of William Shakespeare. They're taking to the stage for 86 hours straight, performing back-to-back readings of every single Shakespeare play. And the theatrical marathon is giving some of the city's closet actors their time in the spotlight.
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Nightly interview: Alan Mark

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:36pm
Dunedin residents are gathering to discuss climate change issues ahead of the government's involvement in a global summit. Emeritus Professor Alan Mark, of the University of Otago, is involved in the local discussion, and he joins us to explain what it's all about.
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Dunedin's central city to be revitalised

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:34pm
Dunedin's central city is to be revitalised following years of urban design, planning and community consultation. Dunedin City Council staff have developed a new plan for the main precincts within the city centre. And approval from councillors means work is about to begin.
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Employment issues for disabled people brought to fore

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:31pm
Workplace challenges are nothing new, but they're often exacerbated for people with disabilities. In Dunedin the issues around employment for disabled peoplebr / are being brought to the attention of the local business community. And it's all part of an attitude change.
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Otago Peninsula road work brought forward

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:27pm
Planned road work along Otago Peninsula is being brought forward, following public demands for urgent improvements.
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Councillors vote to spend on physio pool despite concerns

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:24pm
Up to $300,000 will be spent on the physiotherapy pool by the Dunedin City Council.
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OUSA crowns 2015's best landlord

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:22pm
A local property manager is celebrating her status as Dunedin's best landlord. The title has been bestowed upon her by the Otago University Students' Association. And staff hope it will inspire other landlords to follow her example.
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Port Otago details plans to deepen Otago Harbour channel

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:17pm
Port Otago is detailing plans to spend $30m over the next two years. It will deepen parts of the Otago Harbour channel, allowing larger container vessels and cruise ships to access Port Chalmers. The company also plans to deepen the berths where large container vessels can sit. That means new sheet piles will be installed, to reinforce the current wharf structure.
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School pupils explore Wonderland through ceramics

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 20/05/2015 - 7:13pm
Dunedin primary school pupils are exploring a well-known literary wonderland through ceramics. They're learning the art of pottery from a local artist in residence at Macandrew Bay School. And their Alice in Wonderland theme is bringing some interesting creations to the fore.
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