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Italian designer takes home grand prize

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:13pm
Italy reigned supreme at the 10th anniversary iD International Emerging Designer Awards last night. A 36 year old Milan based designer took home the $10K top prize. The judges described her garments as having the X-factor, but she was only one out of 26 finalists who all wowed the audience at the sold out event.
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Venue a hit for fashion show

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:10pm
Last night's international fashion show was held in the Dunedin Town Hall and Dunedin Centre, for the first time in the event's history. And for the dozens of models, make-up artists and hair stylists involved backstage, the change of venue was a real hit. The Dunedin Centre had a $45M redevelopment last year, and all involved in the fashion show believe it's money well spent.
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Warm Dunedin trial draws to a close

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:08pm
About $2m million has been spent on heating and insulating Dunedin homes in the last year, as the DCC's Warm Dunedin trial draws to a close.
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New Zealand's European Union representative in town

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:07pm
He works from Wellington, comes from Greece, and represents an organisation half a world away. But New Zealand's representative from the European Union was in Dunedin today talking politics and trade. 39 Dunedin News caught up with the diplomat at the University of Otago.
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Review of grants could affect those relying on community funding

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:04pm
Individuals and organisations relying on community funding may be affected by a DCC review of grants that contribute to social well-being in Dunedin.
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Highlanders line-up re-jigged

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:02pm
A re-jigged line-up for the Highlanders clash against the Melbourne Rebels tonight will see several players making their club rugby season debut tomorrow. Last week up to a dozen Highlanders played club rugby, with some clubs and fans angered other clubs were not given their services.
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Small businesses' expectations high

Latest news from Channel 9 - Fri, 04/04/2014 - 5:00pm
New Zealand small businesses' expectations for activity, hiring, investment and profitability for the next 12 months all soared to new highs in the March quarter. The ANZ bank's Business Micro Scope survey of small firms showed confidence improved for a sixth consecutive quarter in the three months to March.
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Nightly interview: Colin Child

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 5:47pm
Three new assistants are working in Dunedin schools as part of a renewed effort to ramp up Mandarin language teaching in the city. The New Zealand China Friendship Society is a supporter of the move, and its secretary Colin Child joins us.
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Mental skills necessary for sporting success

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:59pm
Dunedin athletes trying to make it on the world stage must master their mental skills if they want to succeed. Mental Skills trainer Ian Craven spoke to athletes this week, exploding some myths around those skills and teaching them how to prepare to avoid setbacks. And while physical tools may get you to a certain level, how much of success is defined by the mind?
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Inspiration and perspiration go into catwalk preparations

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:57pm
Getting ready to send a collection of garments down the longest runway in the southern hemisphere takes a lot of inspiration and perspiration. Dunedin-born designer, Debbie Lawson and her label DEVal will be showcased at the iD Fashion Show tomorrow, and she's still got work to do. Today she was putting the finishing touches on her Gatsby Collection, ready for the big reveal on the catwalk.
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Tickets required for royal seating

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:54pm
All seating at Forsyth Barr Stadium for the royal visit will require a ticket, after strong demand for premium spots.
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Economic development team releases prospectus

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:52pm
The DCC's economic development team has released what it is calling an ''investment prospectus'' for potential investors.
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Traffic light system in for some fine tuning

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:51pm
Dunedin's traffic light system is in for some fine tuning, in a week that saw decisions affecting the city's roads. A road safety action plan was noted by the Dunedin City Council, and options for cycleways through the city went to the next stage.
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Highlander bringing a positive attitude to the season

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:48pm
Picking yourself up after a hard game can be tough on a professional athlete. But when you have a player in your squad that can make you laugh, team morale can remain high. For the Highlanders it is one man in particular that is bringing a positive attitude this season, both on and off the field.
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Business clinic a hit

Latest news from Channel 9 - Thu, 03/04/2014 - 4:46pm
A business clinic at the Dunedin Public Library has had a steady stream of appointments since its opening in February. The DCC economic development unit initiative - the first of its kind in New Zealand - provides a business development advisor to help with business ideas and plans. The initiative is one part of the council's economic development strategy that is one year old.
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Emerging Designers in the spotlight for all to judge

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 02/04/2014 - 5:55pm
The works of young fashionistas were under the spotlight ahead of tomorrow's 10th International Emerging Designer Awards. Finalists and their models were put through their paces in front of a panel of judges at the Glenroy Auditorium, as they presented their collections.
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Nightly interview: David Gerrard

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 02/04/2014 - 5:53pm
University of Otago Professor David Gerrard has had an insight into sports medicine from a variety of angles. That includes as an Olympic swimmer, as an academic in the sports medicine area and as Commonwealth Games and Olympic team doctor. He gave his inaugural professorial lecture yesterday on the subject of bringing medicine to modern gladiators, and he joins us now.
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DCC asked to govern the height of trees

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 02/04/2014 - 5:08pm
A Dunedin man has called on the DCC to consider governing the height of trees. Ron Adams turned up at a public forum this week saying shade was a major impediment to housing in Dunedin. And while some may baulk at the idea of council officers stalking the streets with tape measures and pruning saws, the idea may have some traction.
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Hyde St keg party sells out

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 02/04/2014 - 5:07pm
Tickets for this year's Hyde St keg party sold out on-line in just two minutes last night.
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Otago Nuggets aim to live up to last season

Latest news from Channel 9 - Wed, 02/04/2014 - 5:05pm
Repeating their 2013 heroics will be a tough challenge for the 2014 Otago Nuggets. The side made the semi-finals for the first time in 16 years last season, but have lost several key players. With the season getting under way on Friday, player-coach Mark Dickel says the side still has championship goals.
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