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A historic night in the city

Tuesday, November 4, night-time. A shadowy beast comes hurtling towards the finishing post.

Dinner with the everynana

Nana was in fine form. We were dining at one of the poshest restaurants in Dunedin. We were dining there because we had been given a meal voucher last Christmas by kindly relatives who live far, far away.

A sick note

Dear Reader,

Anna is unable to attend to blogging today, because her nose has stopped being a nose. It has become a crying baby attached to her face, constantly wetting itself and needing wiping and attention.

It kept her awake all last night so that today she is what they call "nappy-brained".

Monsieur le Daffodil

Sarkozy holiday yacht, Nice, France, November 18, 2008. The Bruni sisters have been lying on their bellies in the autumn sun.

A girl had a mouth full of Snifters

"A boy had a mouth full of glitter."

This green pepper went to market

It has wrinkly shoulders. You may not be able to see in this photo, but the capsicum pictured has wrinkly shoulders.

Jellicle cat is a synthetic fiber

People send us things, here at the Otago Daily Times. Free things: junk food, pens, trips to foreign places. Just the other day, the features editor received a large pillow in unbleached cotton. Why is anyone's guess.

In appreciation of the ham tree

From this week, and for three exciting months, if you are a gambler and find yourself on a roll, you will be on a spring roll.

Happy Birthday, Rob

Happy birthday to you, Sir Robert Muldoon, had you not been dead these past 16 years.

Taking the alternative route

Taking the alternative route

It was a tour of Berlin, but it did not take in many things I had heard of.

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