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Travels with Sir Richard

Part I On a train between Wales and England, a father explains capitalism to his teenage daughter. He begins, "Because Margaret Thatcher's policy was that the government should not have to care for the railways, she privatised them, and so that's why Richard Branson now owns this train."

The A-Z of tree planting in Orange

The A-Z of tree planting in Orange

People have been asking how the tree planting went. Last week, I spent five days on a conservation project in Orange, New South Wales. To summarise the experience, I have compiled a tree-planting A to Z.

Loaf is a battlefield

Introducing the Loaf Game, the new word-game craze.

Journey's end for albatross in Australia

During a visit to the New South Wales South Coast last weekend, we saw a protected possum up a tree and a dead albatross on the beach.

Wicked and weird, I'm a rat fish

I lovingly wiped a sheen of dust and some specks of Australian soil off its face. I had found it beneath some dead leaves on the ground beside a car park, near the Canberra Glassworks. It was an orphaned CD, and on it was written "Shadow, Road Trip Mix".

Solstice revelry, and a spare thought for birds

If you go into the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. But not as big a surprise as if you had gone into the woods, in particular the bush at Whare Flat, on the recent night of the winter solstice.

Another twinklet in the blogosphere

So, I have been tapped to become the first (not merely token) woman blogger for the new

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