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Investment in annotating the internet

Investment in annotating the internet

If you have ever wondered what some vague rap lyric means, there there could be a site coming your way soon.

Could the new MySpace be your space?

As I celebrated my birthday last week, I got a reminder of how quickly time passes when a release about MySpace landed in my inbox.

Parties can see red if users don't check first

One of the oddest emails to pop up in my email last week was entitled: Red Alert, Daily Deals from The Warehouse. Now, at first I could only see Red Alert and I wondered aloud why on earth the Labour Party had emailed me at my private address and what it was all about.

Microsoft launches revamped email service

More than 324 million people worldwide have a account, and the Microsoft-operated online email service has had a timely revamp.

Elements of fun, rights and restrictions

Some things just need repeating. Last week, #songsfromthesouthisland took hold of the Twitter universe and an email from a reader of Mackline prompted me to revisit some of the songs submitted during the night.

From Google girl to Yahoo CEO

From Google girl  to Yahoo CEO

The sign that impressed me most in on a recent visit to China was the one warning me that using the internet could damage my health. By clicking on to the world wide web, I acknowledged those health dangers in deciding to continue.

Facebook bombs again with email addresses

It seems the once untouchable Facebook cannot do anything right this year.

Napster founders launch Airtime for Facebook

The older ones among us, well not too old obviously, will remember Napster, the file-sharing technology that helped dismantle the traditional music industry a decade ago.

Time to say goodbye to Windows Live

Windows Live apparently died last week, so several online publications announced.

Microsoft launches yet another social network

Just when you think we have reached saturation point with social networks, Microsoft slyly launched a new version of its own network on the day Facebook listed on Wall St.

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