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Wanted, more friends to protect my brain cells

A disturbing report from Reuters has Mackline suffering more worry lines than normal. There seems to be only one cure to ease the suffering - finding new friends.

International scammers using emergency pleas

Mackline had the time of his life last week. He recognised early that a familiar scam was under way again and decided to play along through an email account that is protected in a way that only a skilled hacker could contemplate entering.

Social media force in elections

One of the wishes of Mackline is that New Zealand politicians will flock to social networks during the forthcoming election campaign.

Microsoft says it has the touch with Windows 8

Microsoft is aiming squarely at Apple's iPad technology with its new Windows 8 operating system.

Tech.Ed code for total geek-fest

Tech.Ed code for total geek-fest

An invitation to Microsoft's Tech.Ed 2011 in Auckland was too good to turn down.

Labour MP Curran turns the bloggers on herself

Labour MP Curran turns the bloggers on herself

Just when I have been anxiously looking forward to election campaign participants becoming more active on Twitter, an exchange took place last week among forces of the Left that was better than anticipated.

Tapping into Facebook user interconnectedness

Yahoo! and Facebook are combining to test the theory known as six degrees of separation.

Hackers or freedom fighters?

BBC technology reporter Iain Mackenzie raised an interesting point in his column last week, which started with the oft-repeated aphorism "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

Battle royal brewing over social networking

Having a bit of time on my hands, I started playing around with Google+, the search company's latest attempt to take over the world of social networking, the top position still being in the hands of Facebook.

Phone hacking for any reason beyond the pale

It takes a bit to get Mackline stirred up about online shenanigans these days but just lately, things have been getting a bit frustrating.

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