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Real gem among changes made by email providers

Email is the theme of Mackline this week, with a few things happening that readers might like to know.

Mack-Line: Six million exposed by Facebook glitch

With apologies to readers, privacy is again the topic of this column, with an emphasis this week on Facebook.

Treatment of users hard to understand

Mackline had gone into semi-retirement after finding that developments to interest the writer had become fewer than before.

Serious loop hole in Java

Late last week, Oracle was distributing a patch for Java software flaws deemed so dangerous the US Department of Homeland Security said people should stop using it.

Facebook delves deeper ... into your credit card

Just when you thought it was safe to move back into social media, Facebook will be giving you a little reminder it wants more than your email address, wedding pictures and political beliefs.

Social media Kiwis becoming more tweety birds

Surveys on internet use always fascinate me. UMR Research released new research last week that said 76% of New Zealanders who are online use Facebook, up 7% since 2011.

Your phone apps may be spying on your habits

Normally, I am not too worried about whether my GPS tracking is turned on when I am using my smartphone.

EU commission taking a tech tack hard to fathom

Can anyone understand the European Union's antitrust regulators?

Pirate Bay's haven ethereal

With Megaupload and Kim Dotcom top of some minds, it seemed entirely appropriate that The Pirate Bay emerged back into the headlines again last week.

Facebook targets mobile

An article published last week was written by a woman feeling relieved and emancipated for removing herself from Facebook. She claimed that she had returned to phoning her friends when she needed contact and that when she felt the urge to check the world's largest social media site, she did something else, like read.

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