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Insecure sites to be revealed

In four years I have written 17 personal cheques - you know the ones, bits of paper where you write the amount in words and figures and sign your name at the bottom. Invariably, I try to pay everything I can online.

Dreaming of the day phones tweet in your sleep

Lately, I have been having bad dreams. Apparently, we all dream at times through our sleep but I never seem remember them. But this past month, the dreams have been vivid, perhaps even lucid, and remembered - and that is not a good thing.

Sophisticated hackers now getting at Macs

One of the big selling points for buying an Apple Mac used to be that the market was so small that hackers steered away from them as not enough money could be made from scams of Mac users.

Plain scary, or a fun way to connect with others?

Plain scary, or a fun way to connect with others?

With issues still floating about regarding privacy on the net, a Reuters report about a new iPhone app caught my eye.

Arrests food for thought for hackers, authorities

If the FBI thought it had scored a coup last week arresting five Anonymous and Lulz Security hackers, they will have been rethinking their strategy two days later.

Windows 8 top news among steps by web giants

Windows 8 top news among steps by web giants

All big internet players were news in recent days, probably the most interesting being Microsoft releasing an incomplete Windows 8 for people to download and try.

Year looks good for Google as it sharpens its act

Already, this year is shaping up to be the Year of Google as the search and advertising giant starts to advertise itself.

Freedom of internet information, and access, ideal

Some visitors from Holland remarked to Mackline one night last week in the Octagon that they were very impressed that our group of friends and colleagues were actually talking to each other.

Peak-time congestion claims off the mark: telcos

Vodafone and TelstraClear have hit back at figures released last week that their customers suffered broadband congestion at 7pm each day.

Tumblr enters lexicon of US election social media

When Barack Obama was elected president of the United States in 2008, his use of social media was among one of the many contributing factors to his win.

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