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Microsoft, Google battle for online supremacy

The battle between Microsoft and Google for online supremacy continued with a vengeance last week.

Change ushers in new internet age

Finally, after years of planning, New Zealander Peter Dengate Thrush, who chairs the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), last week steered the internet through one of the biggest changes in its history.

Tweeting a new campaign

My fingers are crossed that New Zealand politicians and political candidates extensively use Twitter during this year's election. What fun it could be.

Technology makes suppression near redundant

Once again social media have been used to highlight how irrelevant many of the privacy laws around the world have become.

Microsoft ups ante in battle for search supremacy

The ongoing battle for search engine supremacy continued last week with Microsoft's Bing search engine to lean more heavily on Facebook to make its results more meaningful than Google's.

It's a billion-dollar game

Excuse me for thinking the world of technology has gone slightly crazy in the past week or two.

What will happen on Facebook when you die?

A question posed to Mackline this week should have been easy to answer. Alas, it was not something that could be solved.

Hacking of Sony shines spotlight on security

By the time this column gets printed, you would like to think Sony had fixed the massive data hack that compromised the personal information of PlayStation gamers.

Disclaimers not worth the paper they're not written on

Trapped as I was on a plane heading to Auckland, I found myself cut off from the web. Not really a hardship, as I turned to an actual magazine to read. Yes, one with paper pages that you turned without double tapping your screen.

Professional responsibilities v private opinions

Teachers caught the interest of Mackline recently with a theme of dissent with completely different outcomes.

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