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Google cuts to the chase, and gets right answer

Google is dipping its toes back into social networking at the same time as it has settled with United States regulators investigating privacy problems that appeared in the rolling-out of Buzz.

Microsoft heeds speed lesson with browser

Microsoft last week released IE9 with a hiss and a roar.

Insights provided on use of internet by Kiwis

Two reports out last week offered some insights into the way we use the internet.

Blogs sidestep journalism rules

An interesting debate has broken out in what has been described as a small, isolated neighbourhood in South Brooklyn - Gerritsen Beach.

Call to stop US internet liability move

Mackline is usually wary of any extreme views - right or left - regarding the internet, its use and possible censorship.

Firefox and Chrome stealing Explorer's march

Microsoft's Internet Explorer appears to be losing some support around the world, particularly to Firefox and Google's Chrome.

iPhone glitch wakes us up to alarming trends

While strictly not a Mack-line topic, one of the most amusing stories, and sad at the same time, came from the lengthy list of complaints last week when iPhone users found their alarms were not working.

All aTwitter about global revolution

Dunedin South MP Clare Curran posted on Twitter on New Year's Eve wondering what social media was doing to us all.

Her view on Red Alert, the Labour Party blog, was that social media was fast-tracking a global communication evolution.

Mack-line agrees.

Tweeting on Twitter putting use of email in the shade

Tweeting on Twitter putting use of email in the shade

A news item last week gave a straightforward report on the clash which has developed in United Kingdom courts over the use of Twitter.

Stop and think before you post holiday updates

Christmas holidays are arriving very soon - not soon enough some people say.

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