12 staff to become professors

Twelve leading University of Otago academics are to be promoted to full professorships next month.

And another 37 academic staff are being appointed to associate professorships.

The new Otago professors are: Blair Blakie, physics; Stephen Cranefield, information science; David Gerrard, Michael Williams, both Dunedin School of Medicine; Tony Harland, Higher Education Development Centre; John Knight, marketing; Craig Rodger, physics; Philip Seddon, zoology; Steve Wing, marine science; Michael Winikoff, information science; Richard Troughton and Research Prof Mark Hampton, both Otago University's Christchurch campus. Otago University vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne said the promotions would take effect next month. Before promotion, an academic's record was rigorously examined across several key areas, including research, teaching and service to the community, she said.

Associate Prof Blakie is a member of the Jack Dodd Centre for Quantum Technology, and his physics research investigates the physics of ultra-cold gases, with a focus on Bose-Einstein condensates.

Associate Prof Cranefield, of the information science department, adapts organisational concepts from human society to help ensure that collections of independent computer programs can co-ordinate their behaviour effectively.

Associate Prof Gerrard's sports medicine research encourages the clinical application of science to prevent injury and illness.

The research interests of Associate Prof Williams include studying the effect of lifestyle factors and diet on arterial function and the development of arterial disease.

Associate Prof Hampton is studying the antioxidant defence systems of cells, and how such systems could be manipulated to prevent or treat human disease.

Associate Prof Harland's research interests included university teaching, student learning and how knowledge was constructed.

Associate Prof Knight's research includes the international marketing of New Zealand's agricultural exports, as well as related crisis management, including the milk contamination scare in China.

Associate Prof Rodger is particularly interested in how explosions on the Sun influence the polar environment and can damage satellites.

Associate Prof Seddon's seabird research has influenced global translocation policy through his role in the World Conservation Union.

Associate Prof Wing and collaborators study marine ecosystems in the Antarctic, the sub-Antarctic Islands, and the mainland. Associate Prof Winikoff heads the information science department and aims to find better ways of creating software that can operate successfully in complex and dynamic environments.

Associate Prof Troughton's research has focused on novel ways to monitor heart function and guide treatment for heart conditions.

Associate Prof Hampton studies interactions between our antioxidant defence and cell death pathways, and says antioxidant pathways in cancer cells could be targeted, making them easier to kill.

Promoted to associate professor: Dr Nicola Atwool, sociology, gender and social work; Dr John Birch, food science; Dr Michael Black, Dr Richard Macknight, both biochemistry; Dr Rhiannon Braund, pharmacy; Dr Roland Broadbent, women's and children's health; Dr Rob Burns, music; Dr Colin Cheyne, philosophy, Dr Vijay Devadas, Dr Catherine Fowler, media, film and communication; Dr George Dias, anatomy; Dr Ruth Empson, physiology; Dr Ruth Fitzgerald, anthropology and archaeology; Dr Andrew Gorman, geology; Dr Lisa McNeill, marketing; Dr Motohide Miyahara, physical education, sport and exercise sciences; Dr Karen Nairn, College of Education; Dr Patricia Priest, preventive and social medicine; Dr Sheila Skeaff, human nutrition; Dr Joel Tyndall, pharmacy; Dr Ross Vennell, marine science; Dr Sarah Young, pathology; Mr Timothy Eglinton, Dr Anthony Butler, Dr Gillian Abel, Dr Caroline Bell, all Christchurch campus; Dr Lynette Sadleir, Jean Hay-Smith, both Wellington campus.

Promoted to research associate professor: Dr Sarah Derrett, Dr Mira Harrison-Woolrych, both preventive and social medicine; Dr Merilyn Hibma, microbiology and immunology; Dr Sylvia Sander, Dr Claudine Stirling, both chemistry; Dr John Pickering, Christchurch; Dr Michael Keall, Wellington.

Promoted to clinical associate professor: Dr Helen Lunt, Christchurch; Dr Michael Harrison, Wellington.