Tinie Tempah gets stadium buzzing

English rapper Tinie Tempah made it clear he was happy to be in Dunedin for the first time when he played at Forsyth Barr Stadium last night.

''I woke up this morning to find myself on the front page of the Otago Daily Times. I've made it. I'm here,'' he told the crowd of more than 6500 adoring fans.

The rapper had the already buzzing crowd bouncing immediately, with the stadium quickly becoming a sea of bobbing hands pointing towards the roof.

Tempah was supported by dance acts Sub Focus and Chase and Status.

Otago University Students' Association event manager Dan Hendra said last night's after-party topped off a successful O-Week line-up, with about 29,000 tickets sold for events held at the stadium.


Come on guys

There needs to be some clarity here, as lines seemed to be blurred. 

Firstly, Digger, you are being a wet blanket - the article states 29,000 people through Orientation, not just 6,500. That's pretty good for a Student Association - I believe they host over three times the number through their Orientation than any other Student Association in the country including Auckland's. A good feat considering who they are.

Secondly, OUSA receieves zero funding from DVML/DCC to host events at the stadium, which is very different to outside promoters who are able to receive a substantial amount of funding from DVML/DCC and therefore the risk involved for them is small compared to a local organisation which takes a large amount of risk finanically.

And yes, of course the stadium would do better if it managed to host a 'full house for weeks on end' but that's unattainable for a complex number of reasons. Nowhere in the country boasts that, let alone a city with a small population and a new venue. 

So come on guys, once again this article is a positive news story that highlights the stadium is being used. We all know that it's still far away from being sustainable but let's acknowledge some positives that are finally happening.




The real risk

Major events like Elton John and Aerosmith saw no risk taken by the promoter. They got their base costs paid for by the ratepayer. The rest was the cream on the top. The remaining smaller events entailed slightly more risk for the promoter but the performance fund covered that.

A more accurate reoresentation of the OUSA events is that while they may have been at the stadium they only used the east stand so the cost of running that event is insignificant compared to the cost to the ratepayer for the major events.

And the Orientation events prove that a Vector Arena-sized arena would have provided more bang for the buck than the unfortunate disaster that is FBS. 

6500? Got to do better

Sorry to be a wet blanket, but six and a half thousand doesn't cut the mustard. We need a full house for weeks on end.[Abridged]

OUSA seems to do better than DVML

The point remains: OUSA seem to be far better at attracting and booking bankable acts with what is a pittance compared to the overpaid 'sweating to the oldies' crew at DVML.


Nightmejohn: Dan Hendra operates in this role as a promoter - DVML works with promoters to bring concerts/events to the stadium. This is an example of DVML and a promoter working together to bring an act...   Venues don't work directly with acts, they work via promoters (promoters are the ones who wear the risk and hire the venue). [Abridged]

Stadium Suggestion Box

Why don't the stadium board hire Dan Hendra. He can get acts to play there and dosen't need a 30,000 dollar payout to achieve it.