Rialto Cinemas

Rialto Cinemas is a nationwide chain of cinemas in New Zealand owned and operated by a joint venture between EVENT Cinemas and Readings Cinemas. The marketing programming objectives of the cinemas is to provide the public with an exciting, provocative, cosmopolitan selection of films.

The chain has 2 cinemas with a total of 13 screens in Auckland and Dunedin. They also have a relationship with Downtown Cinemas, Palmerston Norths largest cinema complex, who have a Rialto Cinemas screen and play a selection of films from the circuit.

Rialto Cinemas screens over 80 films per year from all the major film distributors including Roadshow, Paramount, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Hoyts Film Distribution. Rialto's relationship with many quality independent distributors, including Hopscotch, Madman Films, Inside Section Films and Rialto Distribution, allows the best and most innovative new films to be screened in this country. Rialto Cinemas also screen many Film Festivals every year.

The Rialto brand is about consistently providing the best product available, from a fantastic selection of fine film to superb ice cream, coffee and wines. Our audience responds to the best, and trusts the Rialto brand during their entertainment decision making process.

As an independent chain, separate from the larger cinema circuits in New Zealand, Rialto Cinemas offers personalised service and a relaxed and friendly environment, with a one on one relationship with their patrons.

Main phone
(03) 474 2200
(03) 474 2202
Street Address
11 Moray Place, Dunedin
Postal Address
PO Box 5653 Dunedin


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