Carpet Matters

I remember that as a renter I always found cleaning the carpet as being a stressful time. I was never able to accurately predict what the cost was going to be and I often found that I was getting it wrong.


With that in mind I have opened CARPET MATTERS - a carpet cleaning business where the customers know exactly how much the cost will be before making a booking.


As a small operation we can afford to keep all our prices rock bottom while still providing a quality service.  We use a completely biodegradable solution that is non-toxic and also gentle on the carpet.  CITRAFRESH is a by-product made from lemons and oranges so it doesn't just clean well but leaves a fresh smell in the air that lasts for days to come.  And at $25.00 per room (minimum of two rooms) you can afford to have your place done more than once a year.


Hope to hear from you soon.

Marcel Dale


Main phone
(03) 456 3814
Street Address
88 Cavell St Tainui

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