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A funeral is a celebration of a life. Gillions Funeral Services will work with you to make the funeral service as meaningful and personalised as possible. The playing of your loved one’s favourite music, the tributes by family and friends, and the sharing of memories, all helps with this. We can provide personalised service sheets and memorial books, which provide permanent records of the occasion. We can also arrange for the service to be videoed or recorded to DVD, and are happy to organise extra resources if needed.

Mindful that many families are spread around the world and may be unable to attend a funeral service, we now can offer live web streaming; and the capability to link into a service via Skype, where a tribute can be made live.

We are also receiving both audio and video tributes sent to us via the internet to be played at a service. We can also arrange to record video tributes to be played, if someone should feel they cannot stand and speak at a funeral.

The venue is usually our Chapel or a Church, but if you wish the ceremony to be at your home, or at another special venue, then we will do our best to arrange this.

There are several different organisations and individuals who need to be contacted in order to arrange a funeral service. We can liaise with them and organise all the details, as well as taking care of the legal requirements. We work with a range of celebrants, and will carefully consider who would best suit your needs. If you belong to a parish and wish the service to be in the Church, we will organise this.

We can advise you regarding the choice between burial and cremation, and assist you with the decision of your loved one’s final resting place. If this place is out of Dunedin we can make all the arrangements, and work with other companies, to make this possible. We can also organise the transport back home if they pass away when out of Dunedin.

We have had experience in arranging for the repatriation of people who have passed away overseas and bringing them home; and the repatriation of people who have passed away here, back to their home country.

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