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McRobie Studios was established in 1968 and has earned a reputation for consistently producing Otago's finest photographs. Achieving this level of quality and a reputation to match is by no means a result of chance, but rather the culmination of skills, experience, technical knowledge and most importantly, an unrelenting commitment to create the very best.

McRobie Studios specializes in key areas of professional photography including premium wedding photography, contemporary and classic portraiture, advertising and commercial photography and group or special occasion photographs. McRobie Studios has also been selected since 1997 as the exclusive photographers to Otago's largest academic institutions for their prestigious graduation ceremonies.

Whilst we believe that there are many good quality photographer available, we also believe strongly that a lot of people are let down by quasi-professionals who claim to do a great job, often publicizing one or two successful photos from a selection of weddings, leading you to believe that all their photographs are that good. We are conscious of this practice and subscribe to the view that it is our responsibility as true professionals to provide you with all of the information necessary for you to make an informed decision prior to parting with your hard earned money and before placing such significant trust in the person or company.

Through our experiences gained over the last forty years, we have reached a conclusion that it is not until the details are considered, generally after the fact, that the benefits of using McRobie Studios become plainly obvious. Unfortunately, an expensive camera does not make you a photographer and does by no means ensure great photographs - sure you might get a few ‘great' shots, but wouldn't you rather have many great shots - after all you often only have one chance to capture that moment - once it's gone you don't get a second chance.

Capturing the moment in its entirety and making you look your absolute best is the key - this is not a case of clicking and hoping for a good outcome, but rather a careful combination of art and science. Despite the rise of digital cameras and computers, consistent high-quality photography remains a professional skill, one that is learnt, practiced and refined continually. This is our passion, this is all we do. This is why we are the best and regarded as such.

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