Coppice Crafts

In my workshop at the Red Sheds I use Traditional hand tools to produce wooden products such as hay rakes and bent wood pitch forks. The type of tools I use have been the Basis of wood working for millennia. My most used device is the shaving horse, a simple wooden vice that allows one to sit down on the job. A sharp draw knife is the main tool used to shape wooden components such as rake handles and heads. I avoid the use of power tools to make the workshop a more pleasant place to be. The green or only slightly seasoned wood I use has the advantage of being softer to work than seasoned wood as well as producing little dust. Linseed oil and bees wax are applied to wooden products for non-toxic and pleasant smelling finishes.
Main phone
(03) 439 5781
Street Address
Bill Blair, Red Sheds, Waterfront Road Oamaru Harbour
Postal Address
Bill Blair, c/o Kakanui P.O., Oamaru


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