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Here at McKenzie Design we've been refining, testing and perfecting our boilers for over 25 years. Why? Because when you experience the joy of perfect warmth to the whole of your inside environment and have all the hot water ever needed you will never live any other way!

But the boiler is only one piece of a whole home heating system. McKenzie design supplies all the components to compliment our boilers. We supply products best suited to our New Zealand conditions with internationally proven quality and performance. Plus McKenzie Design provides a system design service ensuring that each installation suits the home and individual lifestyle of the home owner.

Warmth is one of the four elements of survival and McKenzie Design can achieve this for every room in your house with a running cost lower than other forms of heating will provide for just one room.

Disentangling the options and often contradictory advice on home heating can be an unattractive part of building or renovating. It is our hope that the information and advice we present will assist you in this process.

We at McKenzie Design aim to provide information and advice that will not only take the anxiety out of this process for you the home owner but will also provide the best and most economic solution for your heating needs.




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