Eileen Goodwin

Health system not 'perfect'

Health system not  'perfect'

Only a "slightly naive" person would expect to be 100% safe from mishaps in the healthcare system, Southern District Health Board (Otago) chief medical officer Richard Bunton says.

40 medical mishaps include power-failure death

A patient on a ventilation machine at home who died because of a power failure is one of 40 medical mishaps recorded by the Southern District Health Board in 2010-11.

Electric bikes shown to be easier on the legs

Electric bikes shown to be easier on the legs

Ross McClintock, of Dunedin, tries an electric bike on Saturday morning on Cargill St at a Dunedin City Council-organised event for Bike Wise Month.

House to benefit southern neuro appeal

House to benefit southern neuro appeal

A house is to be built and auctioned to raise funds for the neurosurgery campaign.

Fundraising role came unexpectedly

Fundraising role came unexpectedly

The 82-year-old spearheading the neurosurgery fundraising effort was bemused when he was asked to take the role.

Redroofs staff to stop work

About 20 union members at Dunedin's Redroofs Rest Home in Maori Hill will stop work for two hours on March 1 to protest a 1% pay offer, Service and Food Workers Union advocate Alastair Duncan says.

Businesses in the South urged to get behind appeal

The South's business community is being urged to back the campaign to raise $3 million for neurosurgery.

Dementia unit permission sought

Woodhaugh Rest Home, in Dunedin, is seeking permission to develop a 16-bed dementia unit and a hospital facility.

Crown monitor's tenure continues

Southern District Health Board's Crown monitor, Stuart McLauchlan, has had his tenure "rolled over" after it expired at the end of last year, a spokesman for Health Minister Tony Ryall says.

Computer games' rise in elder care tipped

Computer games' rise in elder care  tipped

Computer games to stimulate, monitor and aid the elderly will become more central to providing care as the population ages, Norway-based computer scientist Dr Simon McCallum says.