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Birthday celebrations on day with special appeal

Birthday celebrations on day with special appeal

Myah Tasker had a very special 7th birthday yesterday.

Cancer therapy insights

Cancer therapy insights

Dr Mary Hardy, of the United States, speaks to a mostly medical audience in Dunedin yesterday about combining alternative therapies with conventional medicine to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and to garner other health benefits.

40-week wait for routine MRI scan

Dunedin Hospital patients are now waiting up to 40 weeks for a routine MRI scan, with efforts to reduce wait times mostly yet to bear fruit.

Historic colonoscopy plan still being devised

The Southern District Health Board is still drawing up a plan to fit in about 220 extra Dunedin Hospital colonoscopies without creating lengthy waiting times.

Rural practice funding changes could help Ranfurly

Ranfurly Medical Centre could benefit from a proposed tightening of the funding formula used for rural practices, practice manager Dianne Byrne says.

Software lets boards and staff 'sort it out together'

Arguments between unions and district health boards over how many nurses hospitals need could be eliminated by new software that shows what patients need, the director of a unit that oversees the system says.

Objectors misguided, Cook says

Many of the more than 13,000 people who signed a petition calling for the Southern District Health Board to reinstate two dropped home-care support providers did not understand what they were signing, board member Neville Cook says.

War vets' home may be levelled

The former Montecillo war veterans' home in Dunedin could be demolished, but before a final decision is made, the site will undergo an archaeological assessment.

Diabetics taking time to adopt new products

Many diabetics appear to be hanging on to the old glucose strips and meters for as long as possible.

Aged care review timing 'cynical'

The New Zealand Aged Care Association has been labelled ''cynical'' for deciding to carry out a review of the sector close to a general election.