Eileen Goodwin

Workers risking lockout: Pact

Intellectual disability and mental-health services provider Pact says it may lock out staff taking part in industrial action because it risks client safety.

Measles caught after Auckland visit

A University of Otago student at Cumberland College in Dunedin has contracted measles after the visit of an infected Wellington student late last month.

Multi-union deal complex

The union advocate who led the failed bid for a huge multi-union health pay deal is unsure whether she would recommend the ambitious attempt again.

Powell's tenure at PHO ends

The departing chairman of delay-ridden Southern Primary Health Organisation has criticised the Southern District Health Board for a tendency to "micro-manage".

Protesters intent on staying camped in Octagon

Protesters intent on staying camped in Octagon

Anti-capitalism protesters camping in the Octagon refused a Dunedin City Council request to leave yesterday and say they may remain for weeks.

Quality meals a tribute to Sarah

Quality meals a tribute to Sarah

Dunedin Hospital patient meals were "almost a reason to go to hospital", chef Bevan Smith declared yesterday after tasting them.

Staff split on Maori health plan

A Southern District Health Board proposal to set up a Maori health "directorate" is an example of a "management fad" for reorganising staff, a Dunedin union organiser says.

Workshops on mental health

Workshops on mental health

A mental-health first-aid programme launched this week is a New Zealand first, its Dunedin developer says.

Clinicians told to embrace 'messiness of life'

Embrace the "messiness of life" and drop "arbitrary" health targets, a healthcare improvement expert from the United States told clinicians, managers, and board members at Dunedin Hospital yesterday.