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Outsourcing fertility service proposed

The Southern District Health Board is proposing to outsource its fertility service to a private provider, because the current set-up is not sustainable.

Pizza delivery man robbed

A pizza delivery man was robbed shortly after he delivered a meal in Dundas St on Saturday night, Dunedin Senior Sergeant Kelvin Lloyd said.

New roles 'unsettling'

New roles 'unsettling'

Hiring a ''change manager'' and two ''organisational development advisers'' on fixed terms for its human resources department is likely to engender a sense of uncertainty at the Southern District Health Board, the head of the senior doctors' union says.

SDHB to improve systems: report

The Southern District Health Board needs to improve budgeting, monitoring, and financial forecasting, Auditor-general Lyn Provost's 2011-12 health sector report says.

Health school's work is not widely known

Health school's work is not widely known

Some pupils are missing big chunks of schooling and jeopardising their future prospects, because of lack of knowledge about the Southern Regional Health School among doctors and the general public, the school's liaison manager Angela Botherway says.

Adults to go to school dental hubs

In what is believed to be a New Zealand first, school oral health clinics will be used to treat vulnerable adults' dental problems from next month.

SDHB spends $634,000 on advice

The cash-strapped Southern District Health Board has now spent $634,000 on external advice in a bid to improve its performance, and will continue to receive support from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) for some time, it confirmed this week.

Extra cost of Queenstown SDHB meetings defended

The extra cost of holding two Southern District Health Board meetings in Queenstown this week is justified, despite the fact only one member of the public attended, deputy chairman Paul Menzies says.

Outsourcing means DHBs take 'hit' on hospital kitchen investment

Outsourcing means  DHBs take 'hit' on hospital kitchen investment

District health boards that invested in hospital kitchens in recent years might have to take a ''hit'' for the greater good, as moves are made to outsource meals to a single private provider, Southern District Health Board deputy chairman Paul Menzies says.

Fast-food background a plus

The chairman of the Crown-owned health entity behind moves to centralise the production of hospital meals says his experience in the fast-food restaurant and supermarket sectors means he knows about safe food systems and quality control.