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Staff split on Maori health plan

A Southern District Health Board proposal to set up a Maori health "directorate" is an example of a "management fad" for reorganising staff, a Dunedin union organiser says.

Workshops on mental health

Workshops on mental health

A mental-health first-aid programme launched this week is a New Zealand first, its Dunedin developer says.

Clinicians told to embrace 'messiness of life'

Embrace the "messiness of life" and drop "arbitrary" health targets, a healthcare improvement expert from the United States told clinicians, managers, and board members at Dunedin Hospital yesterday.

Care workers acting to protest 1% offer

Pact care workers will take industrial action this month to protest a 1% wage offer.

Inquiry into use of ketamine

The Health and Disability Commissioner yesterday started a "formal investigation" into the use of ketamine for treating mental-health patients at Dunedin Hospital.

Sleepovers could be 'significant' cost

The Southern District Health Board's exposure to the multimillion-dollar sleepover settlement is "potentially significant", finance and funding general manager Robert Mackway-Jones told board members on Thursday.

Weight surgery grows in the South

More weight-loss operations are being carried out in the South, and now for the first time at both Southland Hospital and Dunedin Hospital.

Varied SDHB meeting venues queried

Is there any point holding district health board meetings outside Dunedin or Invercargill?

Whether the expense of holding meetings in other centres was worth it was considered by Southern District Health Board members considering their 2012 meetings schedule yesterday.

Wage deal 'brilliant'

Wage deal 'brilliant'

They deal with seizures, have been physically attacked, and say they would love to see a politician do their job for a day.