Eileen Goodwin

Smoking policy 'not tenable'

Allowing mental health patients to smoke on hospital grounds suggests to them they are second-class citizens whose health does not matter, a staff proposal to a Southern District Health Board committee says.

Hospital sorry for failings

Dunedin Hospital has apologised to the Otago Association for Deaf Children for ignoring its concerns about audiology failings.

Cannabis laws not helping - health workers

The legal status of cannabis puts a ''massive block'' between client and clinician, Pact mental health clinical leader Matthew Peppercorn told a cannabis public forum at Dunedin Hospital.

Not talking of suicide not working: Roper

New Zealand's stubbornly high suicide rate shows it is time for a serious rethink, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Community Member Graham Roper says.

Health panel dead: Hague

Health panel dead: Hague

A national public health committee that has not met for a couple of years has effectively been unlawfully disbanded, Green Party health spokesman Kevin Hague says.

Rest-home role advocated

Relatives should take an active role in the care of family members in rest-homes, and not just leave them alone, the author of a new book about choosing a home says.

Omani medical student hopes to practise in NZ

An international medical student who has spent nearly a decade studying in Dunedin says he is not ready to give up his goal of obtaining registration as a doctor in this country.

Trend for GPs not to encourage PSA testing in men

A growing number of GPs will not initiate discussion of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing with male patients, research published yesterday in the New Zealand Medical Journal concludes.

Thousands could join class action

Thousands of caregivers will be invited to join a class action in the wake of a court judgement clearing the way for a challenge on the basis of gender discrimination, Service and Food Workers' Union national secretary John Ryall says.

Doctors' fees for children under fire

Doctors' fees for children under fire

Wide variations in the cost of a child's appointment with a doctor are ''obscene'', and the medical fraternity should agree a city-wide price, Salvation Army Dunedin Community Ministries manager Lindsay Andrews says.