Eileen Goodwin

Alcohol education missed

A new position statement on alcohol failed to include education as a solution to alcohol abuse, Southern District Health Board member Kaye Crowther says.

Endorsed by the DHB yesterday, the position statement was created in partnership with all South Island DHBs.

Clampdown on elective surgery

Clampdown on elective surgery

The Southern District Health Board is vowing to clamp down on the number of elective surgical procedures carried out to try to avoid further cost overruns.

Thomson wants accounting revealed

Thomson wants accounting revealed

The public has a right to know that Southern District Health Board is shifting $3.9 million of liabilities from the last financial year in to the future, hospital advisory committee member Richard Thomson says.

Study finds issues with IF scheme

Concerns an unregulated "second-class" carer workforce is being created by the burgeoning "individualised funding" (IF) scheme for the disabled are revealed in an evaluation commissioned by the Ministry of Health.

Dunedin's shortage of urologists drives patient to Christchurch

Dunedin's shortage of urologists drives patient to Christchurch

A Dunedin man is urging urology patients to consider seeking medical attention in Christchurch while Dunedin has just one permanent urologist.

PHOs could stay exempt under right-to-know law

Primary health organisations (PHOs) will probably remain outside freedom of information law because they are not statutory bodies, the lead commissioner of a major review of the Official Information Act (OIA) says.

Dunedin's ED logs best result yet against target

Dunedin Hospital's emergency department finished the financial year with its best monthly result for treating patients.

Breast-screening assisted

The Southern District Health Board's breast-screening programme is still receiving external support, a report to the hospital advisory committee meeting today says.

Support changes to be discussed today

A Southern District Health Board committee today will discuss, behind closed doors, changes to home-based support for older people.

MP happy with answers from Cadbury

Dunedin North MP David Clark is satisfied no significant changes to production are planned at Cadbury Confectionery Dunedin.