Eileen Goodwin

Provider ambitious about taking over poisons centre

An Australian-owned health provider hopes to take over the Dunedin-based National Poisons Centre under the merger being pushed by the Ministry of Health.

No fluoride IQ effects in childhood

Fluoride does not adversely affect IQ development in children, a Dunedin study just published in an academic journal says.

Swift action by board praised

Swift action by the Southern District Health Board to withdraw mobile oral health units potentially contaminated by formaldehyde has been praised.

Aged-care sector majority tipped to reject 1% offer

About 80% of aged-care providers are expected to refuse to sign a 1% funding increase offered by the Government.

Cancer a 'bolt from the blue'

Cancer a 'bolt from the blue'

Delwyn Crawford counts herself lucky her cancer was detected, as she could have ignored a ''flat patch'' of skin under one breast.

Free GP visits, scrips surprise

Free GP visits and prescriptions for children under 13 was the surprise feature of the health announcements in yesterday's Budget.

Debate over medical ethics

Enrolling unconscious patients in medical trials is not unethical, and should probably happen more, a University of Otago philosopher says.

Reports by iPad

Southern District Health Board members are to be issued with iPads to view meeting reports, instead of receiving paper copies.

Patients to rate hospital stays

Patients will soon be able to rate their time in hospital.

Nurses closest to patients, gathering told

Nurses closest to patients, gathering told

As a former nurse who trained to be a doctor, Glen Blackburn is well placed to assess both professions.