Doug Wright

On the waterfront: 'Bahia' visit evokes memory of pioneer 'Columbus NZ'

As replacements for the 2824TEU, chartered Cap vessels, Hamburg-Sud has transferred four of its own larger 3630TEU Bahia-class ships to its Trident service this year.

'African Star' first Italian-flagged ship to load logs in Dunedin

It is interesting to note that while 18 cruise ships that have called here since October 1994 have come from Italian shipyards, vessels flying the Italian flag are seldom seen here.

On the waterfront: Four vessels on first port visit

Since last Saturday week another four vessels, tanker Challenge Procyon and container ships E.R Malmo, Antonia Schulte and MSC Nora, have added their names to the list of vessels visiting the port for the first time.

On the Waterfront: 'Sea Princess' name has convoluted history

Sea Princess, which started the cruise season off when it called for the first time 11 days ago, returned to Port Chalmers last Friday. The 77,449gt purpose-built cruise ship was completed at Monfalcone in November, 1998. It perpetuates the name of an earlier unit of the fleet that has been afloat for more than 46 years.

Shipping giant had a humble start

Shipping giant had a humble start

It all started on June 9, 1971, when Claus-Peter Offen bought the small 1932gt, 12-year-old, Norwegian-built Annie Hugo Stinnes at an auction at Hamburg's District Court.

Nearly 50 years of cruise ship visits

Nearly 50 years of cruise ship visits

Almost 50 years have passed since overseas cruise ships started calling here with the arrival of Seven Seas at Dunedin on December 23, 1961.

On the waterfront: Nine vessels make first call

Since the second week of last month, the port has hosted visits by nine container ships calling for the first time, with five appearing over the last eight days. Latest to arrive, yesterday, was Hamburg-Sud's Bahia Castillo.

On the waterfront: Thirteen and Friday spell ill luck for 'Rangatira'

On the waterfront: Thirteen and Friday spell ill luck for 'Rangatira'

After the steamer Waimana featured in this column a fortnight ago, the Dunedin waterfront scene that appeared in the ODT the following Saturday (100 years ago - from our archives) could not have come at a more appropriate time. For one of the vessels in the illustration was Rangatira.

On the waterfront: Arrival of 'AP Sveti Vlano' of special note

The arrival of AP Sveti Vlano at Port Chalmers yesterday is of very special interest. With a gross tonnage of 32,578gt it is the largest vessel to call here to load logs. The handymax bulk carrier is also the first Vietnamese-built vessel to enter this harbour.