Dene Mackenzie

Electricity prices outstrip inflation

Electricity prices outstrip inflation

Power price rises continue to outstrip inflation due to large increases in monopoly transmission and lines charges, the Electricity Authority says.

Reserve Bank to be smart on kiwi

The Reserve Bank was not expected to go toe-to-toe with the market to keep the New Zealand dollar down but it was expected to make smart decisions to rebuff any rallies, BNZ currency strategist Raiko Shareef said yesterday.

Pacific Edge profit forecast for 2016

Dunedin-based Pacific Edge is on the edge of glory, with its first profit forecast for 2016, Edison Investment Research says in its first research paper on the biotechnology company.

Dollar falls as Reserve Bank reveals action

Dollar falls as Reserve Bank reveals action

The Reserve Bank has put its money where its mouth is by shorting the New Zealand dollar at a time when the kiwi was high and the central bank believed it was likely to fall over time.

Hopes kiwi will stay lower longer

Hopes rose yesterday the New Zealand dollar would stay lower for longer as dairy prices continue to fall and the United States ends its financial stimulus package next month.

Looking good for investors

The end of the third quarter today is shaping up as a positive one for equity investors, particularly when currency movements are accounted for, Craigs Investment Partners broker Peter McIntyre says.

Diversification boosts profits at Fulton Hogan

Diversification boosts profits at Fulton Hogan

New Zealand infrastructure company Fulton Hogan continued to grow its profits in the year ended June, helped by a consistent performance across all five business streams, managing director Nick Miller said yesterday.

Tough going in Pumpkin Patch but new-year trading looking up

Pumpkin Patch provided no guidance for the 2015 financial year but indicated the first seven weeks of trading in the new year were ahead of the previous corresponding period (pcp).

Squeeze on luxury goods as kiwi falls

Households could soon start feeling the squeeze if the New Zealand dollar continues to fall, putting pressure on imported goods such as fuel, food and large-ticket items like flat-screen televisions and electrical goods.

Parliamentary terms

Special votes are being counted; Prime Minister John Key will not appoint his new ministers until October 20. To fill in time, political editor Dene Mackenzie looks at some Beehive jargon.