Dene Mackenzie

REVIEW: Talent shines in 'Oliver'

The musical Oliver has a timeless quality with values that crosses generations and all levels of society.

House sales slowing, rents rising

House sales slowing, rents rising

House prices are set to fall further this year before a small rebound sometime next year as demand again starts to outstrip supply.

Dunedin property values up

Property values across New Zealand have continued to slide in recent months but figures released this morning (Monday) by QV show Dunedin bucking the trend.

Gift duty comes with a cost

Gift duty comes with a cost The Government recently announced it intended to repeal gift duty, provided concerns around creditor protection and social assistance targeting could be addressed. Business editor Dene Mackenzie backgrounds the issue.

NPT unit holders to vote on future

National Property Trust has bowed to unit-holder pressure and will hold a vote on July 30 on a proposal to convert it to a listed company and for NPT to take over the management contract of its properties.

Telecom prepares to move customers to XT network

Telecom is preparing for the final closure of its CDMA mobile network, the network that saved its battered reputation during the major XT network failures earlier this year.

Proceedings against more directors

Proceedings against more directors

Directors of another high-profile failed investment company are facing criminal charges and civil proceedings brought by the Securities Commission for allegedly misleading investors.

Privacy - or lack of - rears its head again

Facebook privacy has reared its head again, with news coming out late last week that the social media network was rolling out a new feature.

Companies likely to lose millions

Companies likely to lose millions

Millions of dollars are being wiped off profit forecasts from New Zealand companies as they adapt to new rules introduced in the Government's May Budget.

Surprise mortgage rate drop

Interest rates are on the move again and this time, surprisingly, fixed-term mortgage rates are on the way down.