Dene Mackenzie

Breaking mortgages 'can be expensive'

Fewer New Zealanders were breaking fixed-rate mortgages but most lenders still applied break fees if homeowners wanted to get out of fixed-term loans, Mortgage Link owner and broker Jill Clearwater said yesterday.

Air NZ remains'attractive' after avoiding fines

Air New Zealand could breathe a sign of relief yesterday after being let off a charge of fixing prices on international cargo shipments, Craigs Investment Partners broker Chris Timms said.

First buy by Opus for 2 years

Opus International Consulting has restarted its acquisition programme after two and a-half years, but Forsyth broker Suzanne Kinnaird remains wary.

Warning sounded over removal of gift duty

Warning sounded over removal of gift duty

The proposed abolition of gift duty has created a nice headline for the Government but there are wider issues involved that should concern taxpayers, Polson Higgs tax partner Michael Turner says.

Good and bad news in accounts

New Zealanders appear to be buying into the Government's message of saving rather than spending, judging by the changes included in the Crown accounts for the three months ended September.

Political gridlock may be good for US market

The political gridlock in the United States is expected to have a positive effect on US financial markets, but brokers do not believe there will be much impact in New Zealand because too many economic problems remain.

Microsoft on cue with cloud computing launch

It has been a while since cloud computing drifted through this column but a recent release from research and advisory firm Ovum necessitates another look at the issue.

Privacy endangered notion

Privacy endangered notion

Voyeurism has gone global on the internet but the recent suicide of a United States freshman after another student allegedly used a webcam to broadcast his sexual encounters in his dorm room has raised the stakes considerably. Technology writer Dene Mackenzie backgrounds the issue...

Uncertainty surrounds state of labour market, economist says

Evidence suggests the New Zealand labour market continued its trend of slow improvement in the three months ended September, but economists are warning that volatility may cause a surprise.

Property company changes `rushed'

Investors caught up in the Government-introduced changes around property company structures are being urged to remain patient.