Dene Mackenzie

Orcon vows 'shake-up'

State-owned internet provider Orcon yesterday entered the mobile service market promising to shake up the competition with no-catch plans and no fixed-term contracts.

Opening to foster IT hub

Dunedin has an opportunity to develop a digital strategy that most other centres would envy, New Zealand Computer Society chief executive Paul Matthews says.

Inflation muted; rises ahead

Inflation in the three months ended June was softer that expected by financial markets but economists are warning that big increases are ahead.

Ultrafast net work exacting

Ultrafast net work exacting Communications and Information Technology Minister Steven Joyce is pleased with progress on the Government's ultrafast broadband project. He talks to business editor Dene Mackenzie about the progress and challenges.

Rebounds after crisis end, global markets flatten

Rebounds after crisis end, global markets flatten

Investors have had a reality check in the last two months as global equity markets have lost this year's gains, and some of last year's as well, Forsyth Barr broker Suzanne Kinnaird says.

Inflation to land in target band

Inflation is forecast to have been right in the middle of the Reserve Bank's 1% to 3% target band at the end of June.

Wireless internet on trial in Dunedin buses

Wireless internet on trial in Dunedin buses

Dunedin Passenger Transport director Kayne Baas has come up with a novel way to encourage commuters on the southern routes to continue using, or start using, public transport.

ING rejects review call

ING rejects review call

The Frozen Fund Group is calling for ANZ-National Bank's investment arm ING to be removed as a default KiwiSaver provider but ING said yesterday there was no basis for calling its status into question.

Drilling hits new reserves of gold

Listed gold miner Oceana Gold has identified new gold resources at its Macraes gold mine which could add another one and a-half years to the life of the mine.

Accounts hit by markets

Volatile world sharemarkets and the fallout from the European debt crisis hurt the Government accounts in May, but the financial position remains well ahead of the same period last year.