Dene Mackenzie

Businesses perking up

Businesses perking up

Prospects for Otago businesses in the first six months of next year were looking decidedly brighter, Otago Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Christie said yesterday.

Warning with first surplus since '88

Warning with first surplus since '88

New Zealand has recorded a seasonally-adjusted current account surplus of $340 million for the three months ended September, the first surplus since late 1988.

However, the economic celebrations are tinged with a warning.

The big improvement in New Zealand's external position was mainly due to a weak economy and one-off tax provisions, as opposed to export strength.

Holiday Act changes leaked

Otago-based business groups are welcoming the possibility that changes to the Holidays Act will provide flexibility for employers and their staff to work in their best interests.

SCF sells Pyne Gould stake to family interests at premium price

South Canterbury Finance has sold at a premium price its stake in Pyne Gould Corporation.

Allied shares down, worse to come

Allied Farmers' shares fell more than 37% in value yesterday to close at 10c, but trading proved to be the calm before the storm, Forsyth Barr broker Peter Young said.

'Tis the season to be wary

'Tis the season to be wary

Last-minute online Christmas shoppers are being warned to take extra care when receiving email offers that sound tempting.

GDP reflects recession

Economic data out tomorrow is likely to show how painful the recession was for many parts of New Zealand during the three months ended September.

Gifts to charity rather than Champagne, power tools

There was something about this story which resonated with Mack-line.

Allied Farmers shares fall in early trade

Allied Farmers shares opened at 13c this morning but quickly fell 37% in value to be trading at 10c in the first 15min after the NZX opened.

Allied Farmers share price expected to dive

Allied Farmers share price expected to dive

The price of Allied Farmers shares is predicted to fall below 10c when trading starts this morning, with some brokers predicting a floor of 5c a share this week.