Dene Mackenzie

Positive credit data needs care

Positive credit data needs care

Including positive data on credit reports was a positive move for consumers but only if the data was passed on with the consent of the consumer, New Zealand Credit Finance Institute president David Young said yesterday.

Tough choice for Dorchester debenture holders

Dorchester Pacific debenture holders face a hard choice this month.

Rise in Vector shares 'overreaction' to tax news

The sharp rise in Vector's share price was an overreaction to tax news put out by the energy distribution and fibre optic network company, Forsyth Barr broker Peter Young said yesterday.

Less confidence seen in recovery

Confidence in the economic recovery seems to be slipping, a survey shows.

Weather dampens service sector

Wild weather during May helped dampen service sector activity in the month, even though the sector experienced its seventh consecutive month of expansion.

Change of behaviour urged

New Zealand households are being urged to improve the quantity and quality of their savings to help the rebalancing of the economy, particularly away from external debt.

Allied Farmers faces write-downs

Allied Farmers expects further write-downs in the value of its assets of its own Allied Nationwide Finance company, suggesting that this time some of the impaired assets are its own.

Wikileaks in news for wrong reasons

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks was in the news again last week but for reasons it probably did not welcome.

Former high-profile hacker Adrian Lamo admitted he had turned over a United States army intelligence analyst to authorities, a decision met by wide derision on blogs.

"A lot of people have labelled me a snitch," Mr Lamo told BBC News.

Reserve Bank hike will hurt borrowers

Reserve Bank hike will hurt borrowers

Borrowers are the major losers from the Reserve Bank decision last week to lift the official cash rate by 0.25% to 2.75%.

Dip in property dividends expected

Dip in property dividends expected

The 2010 Budget confirmed several tax changes for the property sector that were centred on the removal of tax depreciation on buildings. There were some minor positive offsets with the PIE tax rate falling from 30% to 28%. Business editor Dene Mackenzie considers the implications for the New Zealand listed property sector.