Dene Mackenzie

Sanford confirms Pacifica Seafoods deal

Sanford yesterday confirmed it had entered into a conditional agreement with Pacifica Seafoods to buy its greenshell mussel and Pacific oyster businesses for $85 million.

Buying spree before GST rise

Retail figures released yesterday showed New Zealanders did go on a buying spree before GST increased to 15% on October 1.

Online teaching on a roll, but there may be a cost

In past years, tertiary institutions in New Zealand had talked about ways of ensuring students got the best experience they could from a crowded teaching experience.

REVIEW: HTC 7 Trophy worth the wait

REVIEW: HTC 7 Trophy worth the wait

The HTC Windows7 phone proved itself up to the pre-release hype when it was taken and used extensively on a recent trip to Australia.

MTF confident for future

MTF confident for future

Dunedin-based Motor Trade Finances faced an uncertain future with confidence, managing director Angus Bradshaw said in the company's annual report.

Joint broadband bid attempt to check rivals

Joint broadband bid attempt to check rivals Competition to provide urban broadband speeds to rural New Zealand heated up yesterday as bids to the Ministry of Economic Development closed. Business editor Dene Mackenzie looks at what is on offer.

ANZ drops exit fees

Australian banks are partially responding to political pressure to become more transparent in their mortgage fees and other costs, but it is unlikely their New Zealand operations will follow suit without the same sort of political pressure.

Breaking mortgages 'can be expensive'

Fewer New Zealanders were breaking fixed-rate mortgages but most lenders still applied break fees if homeowners wanted to get out of fixed-term loans, Mortgage Link owner and broker Jill Clearwater said yesterday.

Air NZ remains'attractive' after avoiding fines

Air New Zealand could breathe a sign of relief yesterday after being let off a charge of fixing prices on international cargo shipments, Craigs Investment Partners broker Chris Timms said.

First buy by Opus for 2 years

Opus International Consulting has restarted its acquisition programme after two and a-half years, but Forsyth broker Suzanne Kinnaird remains wary.