Dene Mackenzie

Manufacturing slump in South

Manufacturing activity in Otago-Southland has hit recent lows as its nearest neighbour Canterbury continues to thrive.

Investment firm leans towards fixed interest

Investment firm leans towards fixed interest

During the past year, Craigs Investment Partners has moved to a more defensive stance in its investment intentions and remains comfortable with that position, broker Chris Timms says.

Further calls for Reserve Bank to cut OCR

Calls for the Reserve Bank to cut its official cash rate next week grew louder yesterday after inflation remained low and dairy prices slumped significantly in the latest auction.

Safety claims anger industry and officials

The New Zealand Initiative has raised the hackles of many with its report claiming increased workplace safety is one of the reasons for the lack of affordable housing in Auckland and Christchurch.

Data could shape policy

Data could shape policy

Tomorrow and Friday are shaping up as two important days for the New Zealand economy, with some major data to be released which could influence Reserve Bank policy.

SkyCity clear to start on centre

Skycity resource consent for the New Zealand International Convention Centre can proceed on a non-notified basis, meaning the casino operator can start construction by the end of the year.

More of S&P 500's sales outside of US

The percentage of sales from foreign countries from Standard & Poor's 500 companies with full reporting information increased in the latest financial year after five years of stagnation.

Housing stand seen as 'cynical policy'

Labour yesterday continued with what is now being described as a cynical and well-thought out policy on blaming Chinese investors for skyrocketing Auckland house prices.

Making deal stick far from easy

Making deal stick far from easy

Euro zone leaders made Greece surrender much of its sovereignty to outside supervision in return for agreeing to talks on a bail-out but making the deal stick will be a major problem, Craigs Investment Partners broker Chris Timms says.

Competition big issue for evolving Fonterra

Numerous challenges exist for Fonterra in evolving from a commodity mindset and strong dairy industry competition across emerging markets is a key issue, Forsyth Barr broker Andrew Rooney said yesterday.