David Loughrey

Late changes drop rates rise to 10.3%

Late changes drop rates rise to 10.3%

Dunedin's rates are set to rise by 10.3% for the next financial year after some last-minute financial massaging brought the figure down from an originally projected 12.9%.

Big projects remain in DCC budget

Two of Dunedin's biggest projects have remained in the city council's budget, with the Awatea St stadium surviving another debate and the Dunedin Centre-Town Hall upgrade possibly taking a new tack.

Planned Mosgiel road costs soar

The future of heavy traffic routes through Mosgiel, the subject of heated debate for at least a decade, will be reviewed after estimated costs more than doubled.

Council heeds review, gets behind reduced extension

Council heeds review, gets behind reduced extension

Widely panned for vandalism of Dunedin's heritage, and blocking what critics say is a vista that must be protected

The great and the good have their say

The great and the good have their say

The heavy hitters of the Town Hall extension debate came en masse to the annual plan hearings committee yesterday, clutching a list of names featuring the great and the good of Dunedin society to back their cause.

Depreciation leaves shortfall

The council has been asked to provide funding on two fronts that would have a final destination at the Edgar Centre.

Private gyms find Moana Pool tough competition

Dunedin's private gymnasiums are losing members and struggling to attract new ones because of the lower prices at the Moana Pool gymnasium, the committee heard.

City debt concerns many submitters

If there has been one constant refrain from submitters to the annual plan meeting in the last two days, it is concern about the level of spending, and debt, to which the council is committing itself.

Lukewarm response to playground smoking ban

The Otago Smokefree Group wants smoking banned in Dunedin's playgrounds, but the idea did not appear popular with councillors.

Silent majority offers much at hearing

This year's annual plan hearings came with massive doses of déjà vu, as some well-worn arguments were trotted out about some well-worn issues.