David Loughrey

Stadium support emerges over weekend

Support for Dunedin's new stadium seems to be emerging, as the Dunedin City Council prepares to sign a contract today with Hawkins Construction to begin the building phase.

Police called to row over signs

Police were called to deal with a row between two Dunedin businesses yesterday, following what has been a two-year dispute over a sign.

Stadium: 'This is about the legality'

Stadium: 'This is about the legality'

The last-minute shot from stadium opponents to legally challenge the Dunedin City Council on its support for the project has come up short, with Stop the Stadium's lawyer failing to convince a High Court judge his arguments stood up to scrutiny.

Stop the Stadium's injunction dismissed

The Dunedin City Council will sign off on a contract to build the city's new stadium on Monday, after a high court injunction bid by Stop the Stadium to halt the project was thrown out this morning.

Stadium decision due 10am

Stadium decision due 10am

Stop the Stadium's injunction in the High Court at Christchurch yesterday covered well-worn arguments over costs, capital, revenue and bridging loans.

STS asks about 'missing $13m'


Stop the Stadium has given its own calculations of the stadium's cost today, as the group opened its injunction in the Christchurch High Court.

Injunction decision expected Friday

A High Court decision on an injunction barring the Dunedin City Council from proceeding with the planned Awatea St stadium is expected on Friday.

Consent bid fails for Evansdale

The Dunedin City Council has declined consent for homes to be built on an 11-lot subdivision near Evansdale.

More people withhold rates in protest

The number of Dunedin ratepayers who have heeded the call for a rates revolt to protest the Awatea St stadium project has risen to 88.

Government grant for stadium confirmed

A government contribution of $15 million for Dunedin's planned stadium firmed from an "underwrite" to a "grant" yesterday.