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Utopia Dynamic Health
Utopia Dynamic Health
Living a healthy lifestyle - the odds are firmly against you in today's world.

Utopia Dynamic Health aims to redress the imbalance by making health and wellbeing a realistic goal for you. In fact, we expect that outcome for all of our clients.

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Exercise should not be a battle.

Working with your body, rather than treating it like the enemy, will achieve results quickly, and will be more sustainable than putting yourself through the mill every time you exercise.

Utopia Dynamic Health offers five unique opportunities to achieve the body and mind you want.

IntegraCore trains your core muscles, and No, your core is not your abs! Your core is your bones, and the muscles that support them, from your head to your feet.

When you train these muscles your body becomes strong, stable and poised as your muscles get longer and stronger - picture a dancer's body and you get the idea.

IntegraBalance is based on yoga. It is focused on strengthening the joints for stability and strength.

When done regularly and with mindfulness, IntegraBalance becomes virtually effortless - yet achieves the body you want, pain-free agility and offers a much-needed chance to completely relax.

The Feldenkrais Method aims to teach the brain and body to realign, rebalance and correct itself. The movements are made with minimum tension, avoiding and eliminating the possibility of injury.

Aches and pains disappear, movement is easier, you become more relaxed in your life and are not so locked into one way of being.

Utopia also offers Pilates on high-quality resistance equipment. Class sizes for this are kept to a maximum of three, to ensure you get the assistance you need.

We are a client-centred studio - there are opportunities for private sessions, but even in the classes, our mission is to get to know you and what you need to regain balance in YOUR life.

As your practice deepens, you can expect profound change in your life - healthy choices become a natural consequence as you reconnect with what your body needs to function in optimal health.

November was a huge month for us. We moved to new premises at 421 High St, and Utopia owner Jane Gillespie went to India to receive teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama - more on that later.

It's not all bending and stretching - we also throw a great party

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