Does Vibration Fitness really work?

Actively Healthy Vibration Fitness & Massage Studio caught up with Fabienne LeComte a year and a half into her Vibration Fitness experience and shares her thoughts on: why she avoids big gyms, how much weight she lost, what she really thinks of Vibration Fitness (Fabienne also shares her biggest fitness tip that helped her get to her goal).

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AH: Why did you choose Vibration training?

FL: I was convinced that after turning 30 one could not get fit anymore. I have never been a gym bunny, I find big gyms with weights and machine equipment intimidating. I would not feel comfortable in that environment. After I turned 40, I talked to a friend about feeling that I needed to exercise, but not wanting to attend a gym. She was doing Vibration fitness and she encouraged me to try it. From the very first session, I was hooked on Vibration fitness. I enjoyed the exercises.

Even though they were hard, I soon learned how to do them and to progress to harder ones! Vibration fitness is a good option for me; it gives me maximum effect for a minimum of time. I can train when it suits me, and the trainers are friendly, caring and they make sure that I do the right exercises, challenging me with new programmes, and this for no extra cost.

AH: What has Vibration fitness done for you?

FL: When I started I was 106kg, and 1½ years later my weight was 72kg. The training has toned my body, I have lost weight, my posture has improved and I feel so much more confident. I lost the first 9kg only by doing Vibration fitness and after that I started to think about my eating habits. I have developed a healthy lifestyle, I am stronger and I feel that I have regained control of my life.

AH: What kept you motivated with your training?

FL: When I first started to exercise again, my husband suggested taking a photo of me, so that we could measure progress as time went by. Every time I felt a bit unmotivated my husband took a photo of me, and even though the weight did not go down so much at times, I could see differences in the photos. This helped me realise that I could change and helped me to keep going.

I could feel progression in the exercises I was doing; I could do more exercises and I could do them for longer, and that felt good! At the studio I saw other people doing challenging exercises which I thought I could never do. Then the day came when I could do them too! That was so empowering. It also helped to see the progress in others: beginner or regular, we all work towards the same goal, we all belong.

AH: Can you give any tips to people who are looking for weight loss?

FL: Yes, set targets for yourself. The targets have to be small and reasonable. Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself and have patience. Look for changes in your daily life, not just the specific thing you do to lose weight. One day I had to walk home after work, up a long, steep hill. Although I had got back to exercising through Vibration fitness training, I had not done any walking for a long time, let alone up to Wakari! I made it all the way without being puffed at all, and realised how much of a change Vibration fitness training had helped me accomplish!

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