Extreme fitness challenge: Bad food worked great for my workout!

Alannah keeping a close eye on me.
Alannah keeping a close eye on me.
This is a double post since I ended up missing Monday's workout session but I wanted to tell you about my big weekend away for my friend's wedding in Wanaka (where I'm told TribeFIT was born). I discovered that the break plus overindulging in carbs worked great for Wednesday's workout!

Being a classic wedding there was a lot of food and alcohol that seemed to be in infinite supply so of course I stuck to green leafy vegetables and water with a dash of lemon, right? Not! I launched a full scale attack on every carb-dense food and beverage that was on supply like pavlova and cream, chocolate mousse, bubbles, red wine and also the big fry-up buffet for brekkie!

...and I didn't feel any guilt at all. None!

Look, I'm a nutritionist's nightmare! My eating sucks and I'm always looking for a way to sneak in a few naughty treats for myself, so I just went for it.

Also, my friend Ants asked me how to do primal burpees and alligator crawls so he could add them into his workout routine, which was strange for me because like I keep saying I'm not an exercise person, at all. So I'm the last person anyone should be seeking for advice but I'll take it anyway!

My friends had also mentioned how I was dancing twice as fast as everyone else and one of the onlookers asked if I was some sort of aerobics instructor? Pretty insane right?

Yes, people are commenting on how I look, last week my team mate commented on how toned my legs have gotten but to be honest I'm not sure as to whether or not this is because they know I'm doing this exercise programme or not? Needless to say I was stoked!

I'm always surprised to see how many people are following my little blog posts, it's really cool.

So I missed Monday's TribeFIT session due to the weekend catching up with me but I thought I may as well include Wednesday's workout for you in this post also just quickly.


Warm-up of course started with a run around the block, and with being away on the Monday I was ‘gossing' about the weekend with the tribesmen.

Funny I was able to keep up the convo consistently while running! Wasn't even a struggle.

So I jumped into the rest of the warm up with ease.

Wednesday's workout session:

Did a run around the block and then back in with:

  • 50 wall balls
  • 10 atomic burpees (this is a burpee into a push-up)
  • 10 knees to elbows (like a chin up but hanging from the bar and raise your knees then slowly down and repeat. Try doing that with sweaty palms, hard!)
  • 25 box jumps
  • 5 primal burpies

Quick interruption: Now I'm just going to jump in and say that normally I would be completely gassed by now and I was pretty puffed but I had the desire to get it done so I wasn't the last on the whiteboard. My competitiveness is starting to emerge.

Next was 100 mountain climbs (bloody hard) 1 rep is both feet so it's more like 200 mountain climbs!

  • 25 box jumps
  • 10 atomic burpees
  • 5 primal burpees
  • 10 knees to elbows 
  • 50 wall balls

And finish it all off with a run around the block.

Yes, I came last but I really felt like I had completely worked myself over.

This is a bit cheesy but I'm going to say it anyway...I still felt like a winner guys!

My legs are in pain and my arms hurt too. Love the pain, it reminds me of the pain that is to follow.

My friend said to me: "you'll probably do really well Wednesday as you had all that time to recover from Saturday to Wednesday, plus with the addition to all of the overindulging in food which will be good for you" - that was very true today.

See you for fab Friday!