Holiday pool closure at Moana not popular with parents

Irate parents are challenging the Dunedin City Council's decision to close a popular children's facility at Moana Pool during the July school holiday.

The leisure pool, a favourite of children and parents because of its shallow depth, waves, river, massaging water features and toddlers' play area, is due to be closed for maintenance for up to two weeks from July 2 until the first Monday of the school holiday.

Council aquatic services manager Steve Prescott said the pool was busier during school terms than in holidays, so it was harder to allocate other pool space to children during the term.

It was a matter of best utilising pool resources at times when maintenance had to occur.

He hoped the leisure pool, or at least the spa pool, could be opened after the first week of maintenance but erred on the side of caution about estimating when facilities would reopen.

"As soon as we have it finished and filled back up, we'll open it.

We've given ourselves two weeks but hope to have it up and running before that, if possible," he said.

Mr Prescott described the maintenance as "normal", such as fixing spots of rust, which had to be done every few years.

Dunedin parent Susan Kennedy, whose children were aged 9-13, said it was hard enough finding children's holiday activities without the closure.



Lack of forethought

While the maintenance may be necessary, surely the pool management could have thought to undertake it during the summer period when there are plenty of alternatives available for entertaining kids, which are not available during the winter.  With boggy parks, closed sports fields, cold winds, rain, etc, options for burning off excess energy can be failrly limited at times in the winter, without taking away the few that still remain.  As a ratepayer (and a parent), I am rather disappointed with the lack of forethought what went into planning this maintenance. 

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