Medical directors named

The Southern District Health Board has announced the medical directors of its new clinical departments.

New restructured departments now cover both Otago and Southland, and the medical roles are more powerful because of a different decision-making process the board has introduced.

The appointees are: Surgical, Murray Fosbender; older person's health, clinical support and community, Dr Stephen Chalcroft; mental health, addictions and intellectual disability, Dr James Knight; women's, children's and public health, Dr Marion Poore.

The role of director of the medical department - which has the most staff of the five departments, at 730 - was not filled internally and would be advertised, an email to health board staff said yesterday.

Dr Brendon Rae had been seconded to the role in the meantime.

Apart from Mr Fosbender, who is based in Invercargill, the other clinical heads are Dunedin-based. However, a spokesman said the locations of the new roles was still being worked out.

Staff submissions on the changes raised concerns the new roles were too big.

The roles took effect on December 10, apart from Dr Poore, whose role is effective from January 7.

In the email to staff, patient services medical director Dick Bunton said the appointees would be making contact with colleagues to familiarise themselves with their new roles.

The board has previously announced appointees to the general manager and nursing leader roles in the five new departments.




Fat cats!

Society has a problem and it is not only a local problem but a world problem. The problem is disparity and inequality in pay and resultant society, creating an increasingly polarised society.

There is insufficient funding for Healthcare in New Zealand, even the Ambulance Service is not funded and is staffed by volunteers! The funding which is available is being leeched off by over paid medical staff, managerial staff, finance staff, HR staff and top heavy administration.

Hospitals are meant to provide health care, not make people rich and turn a profit. Medical staff portray the image of being noble, working for the good of people............Unfortunately this is not true, most appear to be in the business to make money and inflate their ego.

If this is not the case then let us see freely publicized, transparent pay scales and pay cuts across the range.

Especially those with managerial positions being given many hundreds of thousands!

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