Festive families light up Dunedin's Christmas

Frosty is melting in the bathtub and other decorations are spilling out of a Mosgiel house this Christmas.

Its residents want more Dunedin households to get decorating. Nicola Merrett (39) said she had long decorated the inside of her house at Christmas but this was the first year her family had decorated the outside.

She and her husband Jason and sons Blake (12) and Logan (9) had enjoyed other outdoor Christmas decorations in Dunedin suburbs in past years and decided to decorate, inside and out, for four nights earlier this month.

Inside, Frosty the snowman, made by Mrs Merrett with white fluffy material and beach balls, basks in the bathtub.

The neighbours had decorated their outdoors area and warned the Merretts to watch out for more next year, Mrs Merrett said.

All houses should get in the spirit and decorate outdoors, she said.

''Come on, Dunedin. Do a bit more next year.''

It's 'whatever lights your candle' basically

There, I've already said it.

Every day

Bring your children a little joy every day, not once a year on some arbitrary commercialised festival where other people tell you what to do and think.

Once a year

Surely once a year there can be leeway in this uptight, wrap our children up in cotton wool, take away all their fun as its not politically correct world so we can bring them a little joy. 

Suffering environment

And the environment suffers: Electricity usage to show off with this, production of items used, petrol usage as per previous comment and last but not least neighbours experiencing all the - especially flashing - lights.

Christmas lights

Would be nice if people could enter their house/street for others to drive past and see Christmas lights etc. Would make it easier for us to have a plan in place instead of driving around with kids in car searching them out.

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