Rubbish piles up in north end

Fines may be imposed on those responsible for illegally dumping rubbish in Dunedin's student quarter.

Dunedin City Council solid waste manager Ian Featherston was alerted yesterday to large piles of rubbish dumped on the footpath outside student flats in Dundas and Forth Sts.

About 50 non-regulation rubbish bags and cardboard boxes spilled discarded material on to the pavement outside a Dundas St block of apartments known as the Coronation Flats.

A slightly smaller collection of illegally dumped waste was left outside the Rodley Close apartment building on Forth St.

Mr Featherston said the council contractors would not pick up the rubbish because it was not in council-issue rubbish bags and, therefore, the service had not been paid for.

''Technically, it's illegally dumped rubbish. It is typical of this time of year,'' he said.

He would try to contact those responsible by talking to flat landlords and any tenants still living at the properties.

Mr Featherston said council contractors might also sift through the rubbish in an effort to find items that identified the owners.

''If we get in contact with them, we usually give them a chance to see it off the road and put it in the transfer station. Otherwise, we issue them with a fine,'' he said.

Both the Rodley Close and Coronation blocks of flats involved multiple landlords.

Mr Featherston said depending on what the rubbish contained, it could be deemed an environmental hazard within 24 hours.

In such circumstances, the council would have it removed and try to recoup costs by fining those responsible.

''If it is organic material, it could be attracting rodents within 24 hours,'' Mr Featherston said.

No fines had been issued for illegally dumped rubbish in the student quarter so far this summer, he said.

Most students had moved out of their accommodation by the end of November.

Usually, ''one or two'' were fined each year, Mr Featherston said.

The council rubbish collection took place in the student area on Mondays.

Mr Featherston believed the piles of rubbish on Dundas and Forth Sts might have been dumped after New Year's Eve.


Stop wasting ratepayers' money

Stop wasting ratepayers' money and just clean it up. Hardly going to find forwarding addresses amongst the rubbish, so stop wasting everybody's time and money just because the council has  a principle it wants to uphold to obtain  a pathetic one or two infringement notices.

Dumping rubbish for 'free'

It's a while since I've lived down that way, but I recall one summer, during twilight, a perrson who was clealy not a student emptying rubbish out of their stationwagon into a skip where the flat next door was being renovated. Clearly not a student, and not the next door landlord or the builders either. People that object to paying rubbish charges will find all sorts of ways to get rid of their rubbish without paying.

Throwing away stuff for free is not a human right. I'm always surprised at what people put in skips, some of which seems perfectly serviceable. I've had remarkable luck on Trademe getting rid of stuff that I think is only fit for the dump, but you'd be suprised what people will pay a dollar or five for, and what uses they might have for it.

Who says it's the students?

Havent they left already? Yes, most did in November/December. My guess is it's the landlords dumping this when they clean up for the new lot arriving soon. Wouldn't surprise me in the least when you consider the tip charges. I would do the same.

They are students

I worked in the varsity area for a number of years and know from personal experience that students do dump rubbish before they leave as they do not care if we have to pay to clean it up.

Annual infestation

I think we all know there are landlords and there are landlords, in the north end. Some not worth their annual leases. They're easier to spot than the rodents at this time of year. You won't see them again at all for another twelve months unless you manage to not deliver them direct to bank your government handout (read climbing student debt, to you). They stand well apart from the good chaps.

North End rubbish

Who said the culprits were students?

Now hang on!

Students should not get any special treatment, we all who live in the city have to pay to get our rubbish taken away. If we choose not to do it ourselves, why should the students be any different? If they are too lazy to deal with their own trash, then they should be fined . . . simple.

North End rubbish

Maybe the DCC should revisit the wheelie bin option, which in my opinion should have been adopted.

In addition to this the re-introduction of adequately sized recycle stations in key areas (not just student areas) is worth consideration.


I deem this article pathetic.

The council want to attract students to Dunedin but they constantly moan and whinge about their activities.

It wasn't too long ago that the main problem was the way the flats were left, and now they clean them up and leave the rubbish for collection they get targeted again, give them a break.

Saying that the rubbish is not in regulation bags and the service is not paid for is ludicrous; isn't the rubbish collection paid for in the rates the landlords pay with which they have been more than recompensed for in the over charged rents they collect.

For the sake of about $250 of regulation bags would it not just make more sense to just clean it up and not go through the exorbitant costs and legal fees that would be incurred to track the persons responsible.


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