Another lift trap incident in city

The spate of people trapped in Dunedin lifts continued yesterday afternoon.

Mosgiel resident Valda Gardiner (66) said she was trapped in a lift at Consultancy House Clinic in Dunedin.

‘‘It gave two almighty jerks and came to a halt and 30 minutes later I was still in it, absolutely beside myself.''

Being trapped in the ‘‘tiny one metre square lift'' was scary, she said. A technician freed her soon afterwards.

Eight people were trapped in the Mercure Dunedin hotel in Princes St on Tuesday night and three teenagers were freed from a lift at the Harvest Court building on Monday night.

The man who sued God

It is difficult to understand how you can divine unrealistic thinking from a one sentence comment, Hype. O. Thermia. I never mentioned checking anything 24/7, but property owners are obliged to ensure safety as far as possible. This is called Regulation. What I called fatalism may just be laissez faire slackness, notorious in this neo-liberal age. [Abridged]

Knew it would happen

I have ridden many a lift in the Dunedin area, and I must say, that is one of the lifts (Consultancy House) I have always been quite sceptical about.

24/7 inspection 'fatalism'?

Accepting that all fallible systems may fail irrespective of how often they are inspected is not fatalism - it is called being realistic.  Being unrealistic is not a quality I would include in good systems management, although clearly our opinions differ on this, ffolkes. Sometimes luck comes along and makes the shonkiest systems work perfectly for as long as they are needed.  The Fates are capricious, OSH and ACC blame-someone clipboardy mindset notwithstanding.  The Kiwi term for this is **it happens.

Systems failure

I take your point, Hype.O.Thermia, but fatalism is poor systems management.

Lifts regularly checked

Everything that is regularly checked can fail between checks.  This includes car lights and the human body.  If checked every minute of every day the result would be that any failure could be picked up in 60 seconds or less.


A spate. Aren't these machines regularly checked?

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