Stadium parks 'always' going to be charged for

A sign announces the introduction of charges for parking cars outside Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
A sign announces the introduction of charges for parking cars outside Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
The company running Forsyth Barr Stadium hopes to make a ''significant sum of money'' from the introduction of charges for car parking outside the stadium.

Dunedin Venues Management Ltd operations manager Coryn Huddy said after coming to an arrangement with Wilson Parking it had introduced charges last month for the nearly 300 parks outside the eastern side of the stadium. People who used the parks were now charged either $1 an hour or $5 a day and could make use of parks both on event days and during the week.

DVML had always planned to charge for the car parks and had budgeted to make a ''significant sum of money'' from charging for them, he said.

''It was always a budgeted revenue stream. It's just taken this ... [long] to get it going.''

Mr Huddy would not reveal the amount it had budgeted to make from the parks, saying that figure was confidential.

Asked if people had complained about the change, he said: ''There has been the odd person, but that's what you would expect.''

He expected the parks would be ''fairly busy'' once the slower summer period was over.

''It's a spot not too far from the city and ... it's cheaper than parking in the middle of town.''

DVML also plans to introduce charges for between 40 and 60 parks outside the University Plaza by mid-February.

''We are just finalising the arrangements with the university ... and also the Dunedin City Council, with regards to consents,'' he said.

This would not affect University of Otago staff members who were part of the institution's free ''Park n Ride'' scheme. At the moment, 150 spaces are available outside the University Plaza for members of the scheme, who could also make use of a free shuttle which took staff to the main areas of the university.

When asked why it had taken so long to introduce charges at the car park, Mr Huddy said it was ''always'' going to take some time to find a partner and make the changes.

House of cards

Chalispoint: reality now tells us now that the rugby stadium can get $25 a week for a park, not $45, the parks will be idle when the Uni is idle because closer free street parking will be available, and the stadium will have to pay someone like Wilsons to administer them - the difference in income is something like $500,000. You can see how Mr Farry's promised $100,000 annual stadium profit was built on a house of cards, of which this is but one. Like a lot of things presented to the city to sell us the rugby stadium financial disaster the Horwath numbers appear to be the rosiest possible rather than something more realistically achievable.


That would be the report by Horwath HTL.

Stadium parking

It is not confidential when it comes to public money. It would do you well to remember Mr Huddy the people of Dunedin have the right to know this amount, they are indeed paying  for the stadium - the people in general are sick to death of dealings concerning this project. [abridged]


To be fair

The original Howarth Report claimed that the 300 parks would be rented at $45 per week each - adding $700,000 to the many revenue streams which were to guarantee the financial success of the stadium.



This is great as people parking here have been getting away with free parking at the ratepayers' cost. Hopefully this will go some way to helping the stadium break even.

I'd also like to see some temporary bars put in for after events. When leaving there is nowhere to stop for a long way before you can get a drink or something to eat.

Something is not right here

DVML had always planned to charge for the car parks and had budgeted to make a ''significant sum of money'' from charging for them, he said.

The above comment from Mr Huddy does not quite ring true with me. Please explain how DVML , DCC or anyone else in Dunedin will make a significant amount of money by giving this to Wilson Parking. Are Wilson Parking not an overseas company whose profits leave not only Dunedin but NZ as well.

If this is indeed the case, I suggest to Mr Huddy that perhaps it's time for you to be looking for employment elsewhere.

Not really confidential

Mr Huddy said they wouldn't tell us how much they might make because "it was confidential" - let's see - there will always be free parking closer to town when the Uni is on holiday, so at most it's viable 40 weeks a year, 5 days a week, $5 a day, 300 parks - 1/3 to the management company - so they're going to make about $200k a year - they're currently losing $3m a year so while it's better than nothing it's a drop in a much larger bucket - DVML will still have to increase the money it makes from every rugby ticket to break even.

Will the Highlanders have to pay for their car parks at the office building we built for them and pay for?

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