Resealing work nearly complete

Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

Contractors started resealing the 1km closed stretch of John Wilson Ocean Dr in Dunedin yesterday, in preparation for it being reopened to vehicles.

Test walking the freshly laid chip seal yesterday is Downer contractor Amy Williams (above).

Resealing is expected to be finished today, ready for road-marking and signage within two weeks, depending on weather conditions.

Dunedin City Council parks manager Lisa Wheeler said a decision on when vehicles would be allowed back on the road was expected to be made this week.

Councillors voted in December to spend $80,000 to reseal the road and reopen it to vehicles between 11am and 3pm on weekdays.

The road was closed in 2006 and reopened for two weeks in 2009.

Security guards will remove bollards at the St Kilda end of the road each weekday at 11am, allowing vehicles in.

The bollards would be replaced at 3pm each day, Ms Wheeler said.

The cost of the daily opening and closing would be about $5000 a year.

One side of the newly sealed road will be marked off for the use of walkers and cyclists when it is open to vehicle traffic. Outside those hours, non-motorised traffic is free to use the whole road.

The vehicle speed limit will initially be 50kmh, until funds have been found, via council support of community initiatives, to provide traffic calming required for an intended permanent solution of reducing the speed limit to 20kmh.

That could cost up to $94,000.

If such support is not forthcoming by May 1 this year, staff will report to councillors on whether the 50kmh speed limit is appropriate to continue on a permanent basis or whether an alternative is required.

Council senior traffic engineer Ron Minnema said a 7m-wide carriageway would be painted on the inland side of the road.

I agree

Speedfreak43: I agree wholeheartedly.  JWOD should simply have been left closed.

John Wilson Memorial drive

What a drama for a road. As a former resident I remember this road being formed, it was a great idea and just simply was a convienient dumping spot - bits of concrete, tin etc. Nothing special about it. Just the idea. It's windswept but has its own beauty and the unbelievable sea view. Ask any Pirates football club members in the day of Bill Reeve and Bert Dowland Ken Callum all about the sprinting up and down both sides . . . a painful period we want to forget. Sunday morning - ouch!

It's an esplanade, a pleasure place! Treat it as such, it's part of Dunedin - we have similar in the North but not as good, all without the political drama the council and jobsmiths down there give it. The drive belongs to Dunedin, never block it off again.

John Wilson Ocean Drive resealing

Great news that John Wilson Ocean Drive is reopening but in my opinion it should be opened permanently as it was before it was closed while the outfall drain was installed. It was only meant to be closed whilst that work was going on.


Yes, closed at 3pm

That's so all those that are working hard to pay for it cannot get any benefit from it. Should have been left closed altogether and saved us $100,000 plus rather than this half-a***d measure.

Closed at 3pm?

Maybe that should be the case during winter, but shouldn't it be open for a lot later in summer with daylight saving ?

What about being able to take visitors for a drive, or just park up and have fish'n'chips in the evening?

As for the $94,000 traffic "calming" cost, surely that shouldn't cost more than the resealing of the drive for $80,000.

Traffic calming

I'd much rather my rates went towards traffic calming measures (regardless of any opinions I might have on their efficacy) than on having to reseal frequently because a small group of vandals have decided that they're more entitled to use it than anyone else.

Traffic calming?

Funniest thing I've read all morning. Should this be happening at all when you read the other headlines today pointing to the grim position we are in re council finances? This is not a necessary spend, no matter how you look at it

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