Supporters' club left out in cold by stadium

Kelvin Windsor.
Kelvin Windsor.
There's no place like home.

However, for the Otago Rugby Supporters' Club, a place to call home is becoming an increasing struggle.

Chairman Kelvin Windsor said several factors were holding the club back from finding a permanent home and management at its desired base at Forsyth Barr Stadium did not seem interested.

''They're not playing ball. They're not willing to accommodate,'' he said.

The club moved away from Carisbrook, shortly after the stadium shut down, to a home at the Cadbury social club.

However, this was always seen as a temporary home for the proud club and with internal policies within the venue, they may have to relocate soon.

The club is trying to negotiate a deal at the University club near the stadium, but the ideal home, inside the stadium, seems too big a thing to ask.

Mr Windsor said the supporters' club and the Otago Rugby Football Union had been in contact with the sales manager at Dunedin Venues Management Ltd and, for reasons he did not understand, it did not seem interested.

The DVML communications manager, Jo Scully, said that sales manager Craig McGregor had been through a thorough process with the supporters' club, but to date no agree-ment had been found.

She acknowledged DVML chief executive Darren Burden had not been involved to this date, but he was inviting the club to discuss the matter directly with him should it have any further concerns.

''To date, I have not been approached by the Otago Rugby Supporters' Club. There are still spaces within the stadium available for commercial hire and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement with the club,'' Mr Burden said.

The club has a rich history of supporting Otago rugby. It had more than 800 members in the late 1990s when Otago was a force in domestic rugby.

Even after parts of the terraces were removed and the team started to underperform, the club still managed to house between four and five hundred members when Carisbrook was closed down.

Mr Windsor felt it was important for the club to be located close to the stadium, as it was a good place for players and fans to interact after the game.

''I think more people would come back to the game [if its base was close by].''

Mr Windsor was hopeful stadium management realised soon what an asset the club could be to Otago Rugby.

- John McKenzie

Supporters club


Would housing the supporters club in the new stadium bring money in as you say, or end up being just another cost to the ratepayers thus paying money out?

I would think the latter as indicated by the lack of interest from stadium management.

Look forward to some figures supporting your point of view.

Time for Rugby to start paying its way isn't it?.


yes I meant moolah

Quite right, ffolkes. Thank you for the correction.

Brotherly Love from Digger,

President of 'Jihadists Against The Stadium'. 

Dapple drawn chariot

What is this DAPL you write of? Is it a boring outfit?

Change the record

Yawn, yawn yawn. More from the DAPL.

I wonder what would happen if some group which they were involved in was the group under discussion here and not the rugby supporters club. 


Show us the Moolah

Not the 'mullah', otherwise someone will put a fatwa on them.

This is funny

I laugh, rugby, the bludgers of professional sport, the benificiaries of this fiscal nightmare heaped on the rate payer, have to get in the real world and pay their own way.

It is bad enough that rate payers had to bail out the union last year, along with pay for the booze ups.

Suggests the supporters club take a look at how they do it in rugby league, now they know how to work for a living.

Give us the mullah

On Channel 9 News Kelvin Windsor said their numbers had slipped, from, a few years ago, 900 to 150 members. Makes you wonder what kind of 'market rental' they would be prepared to pay for a club room in the stadium to hang their memorabilia and put in a bar.

Or another plan

I like farsighted's suggestion that the supporters' club pay commercial rent for a space within the stadium, or they mght consider this instead: how about if they pay our rates for us and we pay their rent.  I know it's turning a new "Dunedin tradition" upside down, but sometimes you have to think outside the box.

again with the rugby leeches

So rather than contact the guy in charge of stadium to do some sort of standard back room rugby deal the supporters club is attempting to gain smypathy from the general public as they can't afford the commerical hire?  

Why don't they just charge their membership an appropiate fee that would cover the hire?

Oh I forgot rugby people expect other people to fund all their entertainments.

I have two words for them, but the ODT wouldn't dare publish them! 


Show us the money

Perhaps if they want to get into the DCC's good books they should start by raising that private fundraising the rugby supporters promised they'd raise to help fund the rugby stadium. Then we can start talking about renting more space and the effect on stadium revenue having a private bar on premises will have.

Supporters Club

When are the managers at the stadium going to realise they do not personally own  the stadium it belongs to the ever suffering ratepayer of Dunedin, these people should be going out of their way to support this particular club who have backed the ORFU and Carisbrook  for years. Darren Burden should be picking up the phone and contacting Mr Windsor to see how he can help, do the job you are employed for Mr Burden bringing money into the stadium every bit counts be it a concert or a supporters club.

More free stuff for rugby

They got a multi million dollar stadium on rate payers money, now they want cheap rent?! Rugby needs to start paying market rates to use the stadium.  


I would imagine that if the supporters club offered to pay commercial rates for hiring space within the stadium, they would be met with open arms.

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