Road reopening today

Dunedin's John Wilson Ocean Dr will reopen to vehicles for four hours on weekdays, from today.

Security guards will remove and replace bollards at the St Kilda end of the road at 11am and 3pm respectively each weekday, allowing vehicles to travel along it at up to 50kmh.

The road has been closed for six years.

Dunedin City Council made the decision late last year for a trial restricted reopening of the road.

John Wilson Dogway

John Wilson Drive should now be renamed "The John Wilson Memorial Dogwalk" since this seems to be its main purpose now. The ludicrous hours the road is now open mean that work prevents me and many others from using it again.

I used to take some elderly relatives including my mother along this road on weekends and the occasional warm evening, where we would park and enjoy a cuppa and a sandwich. Not any more.

Obviously this council thinks dogs are more important than people.

I am surprised that those people who objected to spending money on the stadium have not strongly objected to the money being spent on doggies.

Close it overnight if you think it necessary. A barrier opened in the morning and closed at night would cost less than $10000. But leave it open during the day and weekends.


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