DCC landfill charges will increase next month

Charges at Dunedin City Council landfills will increase from March 1 to cover the cost of rubbish disposal.

Domestic charges will increase at the Green Island landfill, Waikouaiti landfill and the Middlemarch transfer station, with the increases based on vehicle type and size.

For a standard car, that means an increase of $1.80, from $16.20 to $18.

Council solid waste manager Ian Featherston said staff reviewed the fees and charges last year and changes were discussed and approved by the council during its 2013-14 pre-draft annual plan meetings in January.

The review found Green Island landfill revenue was below budget this financial year, with a 20% shortfall between the revenue received from domestic customers and the cost of waste disposal.

Changes in October 2011 to the traffic layout at the Green Island landfill, which separated the recycling area, had allowed staff to gather more accurate information about costs and charges, he said.

The original proposal from staff also included the elimination from March 1 of charges for individual refuse bags taken to landfills, as it was difficult for landfill staff to judge how many bags were in a vehicle, and charge by the vehicle instead.

That part of the proposal was now for consultation as part of the annual plan process over the next few months. In the meantime, refuse bags and commercial charges remained the same.

There might be further changes to landfill charges as part of the annual plan process, Mr Featherston said.

Never-ending increase in tip charges

I simply cannot believe the DCC needs $18 per carload to dispose of my rubbish! Would someone from the DCC like to explain the breakdown of this astonishing price?

I am quite happy to pay for my recycles to be processed, as it appears these items rarely produce any significant profit when recycled, and this action is good for the planet. But for general rubbish that surely only requires compacting and burying, just how in God's name can the DCC justify this amount?

Perhaps it is time to close the recover store/reduce staff or other options rather than the usual charge increase. 


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